Slick Rock 9 – Capturing Kylie

Capturing Kylie continues the Slick Rock Series for Becca Van in the Colorado town of Slick Rock.

 Wedding bells bring friends together as danger threaten the peace.

This adult excerpt gives a glimpse into this instalment in the series.

Slick Rock 9 - Capturing Kylie - By Becca Van

Slick Rock 9 – Capturing Kylie

Kylie looked up and met his glittering gaze in the rearview mirror, and if he hadn’t looked away, back to the road, she didn’t think she would have been able to break the connection. Her eyes shifted to the seat next to Will and she met Lachlan’s eyes. He was half turned in his seat and he was looking at her with such heat and hunger she wasn’t sure why the heat from his gaze hadn’t singed her skin.

Lift her dress up, man, I want to see,” Lach said in a raspy voice.

Goose bumps erupted over her skin and shiver wracked her frame and she nearly screamed in frustration when Xavier removed his hand from her pussy. But then her breath hitched in her throat when he used both hands and lifted her dress up to her waist, baring her upper thighs and her lace-covered mound. Lach’s eyes zeroed in on her pussy and he groaned loudly before lifting them to her face again.

She is so fucking wet. I want to see her cunt. Take her panties off.”

Kylie’s chest rose and fell rapidly as she gasped in air, but not once did she look away from Lachlan’s hungry stare. Not even when Xavier’s fingers moved to her hips as he slid his thumbs beneath the elastic of her panties. He pushed them down as far as they could go while she was still sitting on his lap and then he wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her ass up and, one-handed, pushed them down her legs, finally pulling them off over her shoes. His hand stayed down low and he shoved her high heels from her feet.

He pulled her back onto his lap, so she was now sitting with her ass snuggled up against his stomach and crotch, his long, hard cock pulsing against her back and the cheeks of her ass, with her legs hooked over either side of his as she faced Lachlan.

Xavier spread his legs wide, opening her legs as far as they would go and she felt heat suffuse her cheeks, feeling vulnerable at how fully exposed her pussy was. She moved her arms, intending to place her hands over her vagina to hide it from Lach’s view, but Xavier thwarted her before she could cover herself. He grasped her wrists in his big, manly hands and brought them together, shackling them with one hand and lifting them up above her head.

Clasp your hands together around the back of my neck, baby.”

The authority and demand in his voice caused her pussy to clench, and more fluid leaked out.

Fuck, our little honey likes being told what to do, bro,” Lachlan gasped out, his voice sounding strangled. It was then that Kylie realized she had closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she saw that Lachlan’s eyes were staring at her cunt. “She nearly came when you said that and I can see her cream dribbling down to her ass.” Lachlan unclipped his seatbelt and then with great difficulty he climbed through the center of the two front seats and into the back seat. “Turn around, Xavier.”

Xavier turned so that his back was resting against the back door and she was facing Lachlan and the other door. Lach ran his hands up the inside of her thighs and then his fingers were caressing her pussy. She sobbed with pleasure at the teasing titillation of his light touch. He avoided her clit and her pussy hole, and she wanted to demand that he touch her. His hands lifted from her skin, but before she could voice a protest, he gripped one ankle and placed her foot up on the top of the back seat and then he placed the other on the headrest of the driver’s seat.

Keep your feet there, sugar. If you move, I will stop touching you.” He looked at her expectantly and she gave him a nod. His lips quirked up at the edges in a slight smile and then he slid from the seat and landed on his knees on the floor, ducking under her upraised leg as he bent down until his head hovered over her pussy.

Kylie mewled at the first swipe of Lachlan’s tongue through her wet folds and went to reach out to hold his head to her vagina, but Xavier gripped her forearms and placed them back behind her head. Then Xavier’s hands were on her breasts and he squeezed her nipples between thumb and finger, causing zings of pleasurable pain to shoot from her breasts straight down to her pussy, where Lach was still lapping up her cream.

His voice vibrated her folds when he spoke, enhancing the pleasure he was already giving her. “You taste so fucking amazing, sugar, so sweet and spicy. I am going to make sure I get a taste of this perfect little cunt every day.”

Lachlan slid his tongue up her crevice and then his tongue flicked over her clit. She cried out as joy seared through her, but it still wasn’t enough. She needed so much more. Kylie wanted him to fuck her, right here, right now.

Please,” she whimpered as he swiped her engorged bundle of nerves again.

Please what, baby?” Xavier’s voice rumbled over her as he pinched her nipples again.

Please, fuck me.”

Not yet, sugar.” Lachlan nibbled on her clit with his lips and teeth, and she arced up when he thrust a finger into her aching channel.

Shit, yeah. Her pussy is so damn tight it’s a struggle to get my finger inside her,” Lachlan panted. “Relax for me, Kylie. I’ll make you feel good, darlin’.”

How the hell does he expect me to relax when my whole body is on fire?

We’re nearly home,” Will said in a deep, gravelly voice. “Make her come now.”

Another drama is played out in Slick Rock 9 – Capturing Kylie, in this successful series for Becca Van Erotic Romance.

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