Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security

Becca Van has produced another instalment in the Slick Rock Series with, Her Personal Security.

 On the run from evil, Kayli’s saviors are in the form of ex-law enforcement officers living in Slick Rock. The following adult excerpt is a taste of the tale in Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security.

Slick Rock 6 - Her Personal Security - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security

Giles took Kayli’s hands in his and pulled her into an upright sitting position. He placed his hands at her waist and picked her up with ease until she was sitting in his lap and straddling his thighs. He held her hips up and groaned when he felt her clasp his cock in her hand, and then the corona touched her slick flesh. He helped to lower her and grunted as she enveloped him. Once he was inside her as far as he could get, her pulled her into his chest and cuddled her close to him. Brandon reached for the lube, and Kayli flinched and tensed when Brandon began to massage the gel into her anus.

Giles leaned down and began to whisper to her as he ran his hands up and down her sides, trying to soothe and relax her.

Breathe deep for me, honey. That’s it. Just relax and let Brandon prepare that sweet ass of yours. We are going to give you so much pleasure, Kayli.” Giles tilted her face to his with a finger and took her mouth beneath his own. She whimpered but kissed him back with as much hunger as he felt for her. She gasped into his mouth, and he knew Brandon had breached her anus. She clenched around his cock, and he had to use all his self-control to keep still.

Baby, you’re doing great. I have three fingers up your ass and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. I’m going to love you now, Kayli. Just remember all you have to do is say stop,” Brandon rasped out.

Giles removed his mouth from Kayli’s and grasped her hips to keep her still. He watched Brandon move in close to her and knew his brother was about to penetrate her.

Look at me, honey,” Giles requested gently and waited for her to comply. When she looked up at him he nearly lost it. Her lips were swollen and red from his kisses, and her eyes were glazed with passion. She was absolutely stunning. “Keep your eyes on mine, Kayli. I need to watch you.”

Giles knew when Brandon began to push his cock into Kayli’s ass. Her eyes widened and then her eyelids drooped, but she kept her gaze locked to his. She panted, and he knew she was trying to stay relaxed and calm without tensing up.

Use your muscles and push back against me, baby. Oh shit, yeah. Good girl, Kayli. Fuck, you feel like heaven. You’re so hot and tight.” Brandon gasped. “Just a little more, baby. That’s it. God, you’re so sexy. I’m in, sugar.”

Giles looked over Kayli’s head and saw Brandon’s nod. He slid his cock nearly all the way out of her pussy, and as he began to push back in, Brandon retreated from her ass. Giles was looking down at Kayli as he and Brandon loved her, but he saw Remy reach over and tweak one of her nipples. She sobbed as she clung to Giles’s shoulders, and then she squeezed her eyes closed. She was just so damn fucking sexy. She turned him on like no other woman he’d ever known, and he realized his brothers felt the same way.

He groaned as he pushed back into her and the walls of her cunt rippled around his hard length. He felt a warm tingle begin at the base of his spine, and he knew he was close to losing control. But there was no way in hell he was going over before her.

He tightened his grip on her rib cage and used his thumbs to stroke the underside of her breasts. He withdrew his cock again and pushed back in. He and Brandon had started out with a slow, leisurely pace, but now neither he nor his brother could hold back anymore. With every thrust of his hips he increased the pace, Brandon following along. His body was now slapping into hers, and the sounds she made as he and his brother loved her only drove his need for her higher. He surged into her again and again and again. The tingling warmth was now traveling around to his balls, and he groaned as they drew up tight.

Giles gritted his teeth, trying to stave off his release so he could watch Kayli reach her orgasm first. He felt her inner walls tighten even further and shoved his cock back into her tight, wet depths. His hips were pumping fast now, and their flesh slapped together loudly as he rammed back into her. She keened, and threw her head back into Brandon’s shoulder. 

Becca Van has delivered another intriguing instalment in this menage series Slick Rock 6 – Her Personal Security.

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