Slick Rock 5 – Her Shadow Men

Slick Rock 5 - Her Shadow Men - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Slick Rock 5 – Her Shadow Men

Britt slid back and then pushed in again. He wanted to speed up and pound in and out of her until they both reached climax, but he wasn’t willing to do that in case he hurt her. Daniel moved to her side, and Britt picked her up in his arms until she straddled his hips. He held her still while he scooted to the middle of the bed, and then he lay down on his back. He held her hip with one hand and slid the other up to cup her breast and fondle her nipple. Her stormy gray eyes, glazed with passion, looked down at him from beneath heavy eyelids. Her lips were full and red from their kisses, and he could just imagine what that mouth would feel like wrapped around his dick.

He tugged her down to him until she laid on his chest, her nipples stabbing into his skin, and wrapped an arm around her waist as he cupped the back of her head with his free hand. He connected his mouth to hers and swept his tongue into her moist cavern and groaned as she responded. He knew what his brother was about to do, and he wanted to keep her distracted so she wouldn’t tense up again.

Britt felt her flinch and knew Daniel was rubbing lube into her ass. She pulled her mouth from his and gulped air into her lungs. He felt her tense, and she pulled into a half-sitting position. Even though he knew it had been inevitable that she would tighten up, he kept trying to distract her. He clasped her nipples between his finger and thumb, squeezing them hard enough to give her a bite of pain, yet not hard enough to hurt her.

Easy, honey. Just breathe and relax for me. That’s it. Good girl,” Daniel crooned.

Britt felt Debbie’s pussy tighten and knew his brother was stretching her ass with his fingers. His cock jerked as her muscles clenched on his erection. He had to breathe with Deb so he could try and control his own desire. He wanted so badly to pump his hips in and out of her, hard and fast, until they both found release. And then he wanted to do it over and over again. She felt like hot liquid silk around his dick, and he never wanted to leave her body.

I’m coming in now, Deb. Try and keep those muscles loose for me,” Daniel panted.

Britt heard Deb moan, and he released her nipples as she slumped down on him. He felt her lift her hips slightly so his brother would have better access to her anus. She was such a responsive little thing. Her breath was sobbing out, and she was trying to wriggle on his cock. He clasped the globes of her butt and held her still while Daniel worked his way slowly into her body. She was so tight with two cocks now embedded in her, and he was in danger of losing control.

He looked over her head and Daniel give him a nod, and then they both helped her to sit up between them. She mewled, and he groaned as his cock slid into her a little deeper. He could feel the head of his dick touching her cervix. He felt Daniel slide out of her ass and hold still for a moment, and then his brother pushed back in.

Britt pulled back until his hard flesh was resting just inside her pussy, and then he pushed all the way in again. He and Daniel set up a slow, easy pace of glide in and retreat, sliding their hard dicks in and out of both of her holes. He had never felt anything so exquisite. He knew in that moment that all the women before her were inconsequential. There were no words to describe the feeling of making love to the woman who had stolen his heart. It was just too special to even begin to try to describe.

He and Daniel thrust their hips alternately, making sure one of them was buried in her body as the other withdrew. Britt wanted to pick up the pace, but he didn’t want the pleasure he was giving and receiving to end too soon. The sounds their woman made as they loved her made the breath in his lungs catch. The sight of her aroused and being pleasured pierced his heart. He would do everything he could to make sure she was happy, content, and safe.

Britt pushed his hips up and felt his balls churning with the need for release. He looked at his brother and gave him a nod. Letting him know silently it was time to up the ante and make their woman climax before he did. He pulled out and thrust back into her a bit faster and harder than the previous times. His brother kept pace with him. They increased their rhythm of thrust and retreat until Debbie was keening in the back of her throat. Faster and faster his and Daniel’s flesh slapped into hers.

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