Slick Rock 4 – Leah’s Irish Heroes

Slick Rock 4 – Leah's Irish Heroes - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Slick Rock 4 – Leah’s Irish Heroes

Seamus couldn’t take any more. The need to bury his cock into her tight, wet cunt was paramount. He withdrew his fingers from her ass and pussy, moved up between her lax, splayed thighs, aimed for her cunt, and pushed his hard cock into her dripping pussy. He pumped his cock in and out of her hole a few times, until his erection was coated with her juices, then he withdrew from her body. He nudged Connell off of Leah’s breasts, placed his hands on her waist, and turned her until she was lying on her stomach.

Seamus, what are you doing?” Leah asked, her voice muffled by the pillow until she turned her head to the side and looked at him over her shoulder.

I want to fuck your ass, darlin’. Do you trust me, Leah?” Seamus asked, waiting with bated breath for her answer.

Yes. I trust you.”

I was hoping you’d say that, darlin’. I want you to just breathe evenly and deeply. Don’t tense up. Try to keep your muscles relaxed. Okay, Leah?”


Good girl. Connell, hand me the lube.”

Seamus took the proffered bottle of lubrication from his brother, flipped the lid, and squirted a generous amount onto the tips of two fingers. He massaged the cold gel into the puckered skin of Leah’s ass until she relaxed and he could see the pink ring of muscles. He placed the bottle of lube to her anus and drizzled the viscous liquid into her hole. He cupped his hand, caught the lube in his palm, then coated his hard dick with the gel. He wiped his hand on a small towel his brother gave him, gripped Leah’s hips in his hands, and pulled her ass into the air. He covered her body from behind, kissed her on the ear, and slowly but surely began to push his hard cock into her ass.

He groaned as he felt the tight flesh of her ass separate, allowing the head of his cock to pop through into her anus. He held still as her muscles clenched and released around his erection, giving her time to adjust to his invasion.

Are you okay, darlin’?” Seamus asked against Leah’s ear.

God, yes. Seamus, it burns and pinches, but it feels so good. I want more. Please? I want you to fuck me.” Leah sobbed.

I’ll give you more, Leah. But I have to go slow. I don’t want to hurt you, baby. How is your arm? Am I hurting you?”

No. My arm’s not hurting at all.”

Good.” Seamus growled then pushed his way further into her ass. He felt sweat beading on his brow as he held his control on a tight leash. He was only halfway into Leah’s ass, and she was squeezing his cock so hard he was in danger of shooting too soon. He ground his teeth, breathed through his nose, and felt sweat trickle down his nose. He moved his hand around to her pussy and massaged her little clit and then eased his way into her body until his balls were flush with her skin. He held still and wrapped one arm around her waist. The other he placed between her breasts. He lifted her up and pulled her up against his body. He groaned as his cock slid into her ass another inch, and even though he wanted to slide his hard rod in and out of her body, he held still. Leah was now sitting in Seamus’s lap with her torso perpendicular to the bed. Her legs were on the outside of his and he moved his wider apart so Connell would have access to her pussy.

Seamus held Leah as his brother moved in closer to their woman. He watched as Connell leaned down and took Leah’s mouth with his. When Connell weaned his mouth from Leah’s mouth, his brother moved up until Leah’s breasts brushed against his brother’s chest, and then he felt Connell forging his cock into Leah’s cunt. Seamus groaned as her ass got tighter and she clamped down on his erection. Connell was finally buried in her cunt to the hilt, and Seamus held still with his brother, giving their woman time to adjust to the dual invasion.

Please, please, please,” Leah begged.

Please what, darlin’?” Seamus asked.

I need you to move,” Leah gasped. “Please, now.”

Seamus looked over Leah’s shoulder and gave Connell a nod. He then pulled his cock from Leah’s body and slowly pushed back in. As he advanced, Connell pulled out. He and his brother set up a slow, easy pace. He didn’t want to go too fast and hard in case they hurt their woman. He tried to so hard to keep a leash on his libido and control. But with Leah making all those purring, mewling sounds and then beginning to rock her hips between him and his brother, and her internal walls rippling along his hard dick, it was enough to push him over the edge. It seemed his brother was in the same predicament.

Seamus gripped Leah’s hips and felt Connell’s hands brush his as his brother grasped her rib cage. He withdrew his cock from her ass then slammed back into her. His brother followed, surging into her cunt. Their slow, easy rhythm of slide and glide was shot to hell.

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