Slick Rock 3 – Her Ex-Marines

Slick Rock 3 - Her Ex-Marines - By Becca Van

Slick Rock 3 – Her Ex-Marines

Rachel’s eyes flew open. Both bedside lamps were glowing dimly in the predawn light as three sets of male eyes stared at her heatedly. She was totally naked, laid out before the three Osborns like a virginal sacrifice on an altar. Except she was no longer a virgin.

Rachel felt heat creeping into her cheeks, but she didn’t turn away this time. She had decided to enjoy her relationship with the three Osborn brothers for however long it lasted. She could be dead tomorrow, and she wasn’t going down without experiencing what could be.

Rachel reached up, her fingers threading into Tyson’s hair. She tugged and pulled his mouth down to her, placing her lips against his. The sound of the low groan he emitted at her boldness made her pussy clench, begging for more. She couldn’t believe she was going up in flames again. She’d just had one of the best orgasms of her life while still asleep and dreaming. Surely, she should be satiated. Her body had other ideas. She wanted more, and she wanted it now.

Rachel pushed against Tyson until he lay on his back beside her. She threw a leg over his hips and straddled his body. She brought her mouth back down to his, sliding hers over his full, moist lips. She was grateful when he took over her tentative kiss, thrusting his tongue into her moist depths. She tasted him as ravenously as he tasted her, her nipples brushing against the hair on his chest as their mouths met, making her pussy weep with her need. She aligned her hips with his, rocking and sliding on his length, the tip of his cock massaging her clit.

She growled with frustration when Tyson pulled his mouth from hers, staring into the depths of her soul. He slid his hand down between their bodies, grabbed his cock, and held it up away from his belly.

I want you to ride me, sugar. Slide onto me, Rachel. Take me into your body. Please, sugar,” Tyson said.

Rachel rose up on her knees, aligned her body with Tyson’s, and slowly lowered. The feel of his hard, warm, silky-smooth steel rod separating her flesh and making her burn slightly was pure ambrosia. She hadn’t gotten a look at his cock, but by the feel of his flesh trying to merge with hers, the man was huge. They both groaned with pleasure as the head of his cock popped through her tight muscles, but what endeared Tyson to Rachel at that moment was the fact he was letting her control things. Waiting for her to be ready to take more of his cock into her depths and not pushing in before. Their gazes met and held, and the heat and fire she could see in Tyson’s eyes, she knew was mirrored in her own. But there was something more. It was like she could see to the very depths of his soul, and what she saw there made her breath catch in her throat and tears prick behind her eyes. She lowered her mouth to his at the same time she slid over him, taking him deeper inside of her. She moved back up then plunged down again, taking him into the depths of her body, as well as her heart.

Tyson reached up with his hands, brushed her hair back from her face, and slid his hand down her arms, over her breasts, and down to her hips. He held her still, his cock pulsing inside her, her internal muscles answering by gripping him and releasing again. His hand glided back up to her rib cage, and he pulled her down to meld their mouths once more. Rachel fell into his kiss, answering him and following wherever he wished to take her. The feel of a finger against her anus made her squeal in protest, her muscles gathering to move her body into a sitting position and out of reach of that wicked finger. She pulled her mouth away from his and turned her head to look over her shoulder. Sam was behind her, totally naked, his hand fisting his cock as he massaged her ass.

I won’t hurt you, darlin’. Just lie down on Ty and relax,” Sam whispered, moving in closer to her, between Tyson’s spread thighs. Sam placed the palm of his hand between her shoulder blades, putting gentle yet firm pressure on her upper back. He didn’t relent until Rachel did what he wanted. When she was lying supine, impaled on Tyson’s cock, her head turned to the opposite side to find Damon beside them, naked, holding his massive cock in hand.

I want your sexy little mouth on me, baby,” Damon stated in a voice rough with passion. He slid the tip of his cock over her lips, begging her without words to open up to him.

Rachel didn’t hesitate. Just seeing Damon’s cock in her face made her crave his taste. She opened her mouth and twirled her tongue around the crown of his dick. The taste of his pre-cum exploded on her taste buds, making her want more of his salty, musky flavor. When she had teased him and herself enough, she opened her mouth wide, sucking him between her lips. She hollowed out her cheeks as she sucked him into the depths of her mouth, the sound of Damon’s voice offering instruction only making her burn hotter.

Oh yeah, baby. Good girl. Suck my cock, Rachel. Do you know how sexy you look with my dick in your mouth? Relax your throat, breathe through your nose, and take me down, baby. Oh fuck, yeah. That’s so good. Your mouth is heaven, Rach.”

A little cold, darlin’,” Sam stated, breaking into Damon’s speech. “Don’t tense up, Rachel. Breathe through your nose, and try to relax. God, you’re beautiful. You look so damn sexy with my brothers’ cocks in your pussy and mouth. I have to get you nice and lubed, darlin’. We are gonna make you feel so good,” Sam declared.

Rachel couldn’t answer, so she moaned around Damon’s cock as he rocked it slowly in and out of her mouth. The feel of Sam’s fingers pushing into her ass was so darkly erotic she squirmed on Tyson’s cock. The pleasure/pain was enhanced as her clit slid on his hard rod.

You’re doing good, darlin’. I’m gonna give you some more lube, and then I’m gonna get three fingers into your sweet little ass. Push out for me, Rachel,” Sam demanded.

Rachel felt Sam push his fingers into her ass, and she was grateful that he talked to her the whole time, trying to keep her relaxed. He pumped, twisted, and scissored his fingers into her dark hole until her tight muscles accepted the intrusion to her body, finally relaxing.

Rachel felt Sam move up close to her back and cover her with his body. He leaned down next to her ear and blew his moist breath into her ear canal, making her shiver.

I’m coming in now, darlin’. I want you to try and stay nice and relaxed. You will feel a bit of pinching and burning, but it should not be painful. I want you to stop me if it’s too much. Okay, Rachel?” Sam asked.

Sam didn’t wait for confirmation. She felt his cock kiss against her skin, and then he began to push into her ass. It was a tight fit, and she felt a bead of sweat drip onto her back and knew Sam was using his full control, going slow and easy with her. He pushed into her gently yet firmly until his cock popped through the tight ring of muscles of her sphincter. She moaned at the pinch and burn and heard his breath panting rapidly in and out of his mouth. She heard her own sobbing breath and sucked harder on Damon’s cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. She wiggled her hips slightly to let Sam know she was ready for more. He pushed in, sliding more easily now that the tip of his cock was through her tight muscles. She knew she surprised him when she used her hips and pushed back on him. He was now in her ass, his balls touching her pussy. He held still, giving her time to get used to him being inside her ass.

Rachel growled in frustration at the lack of movement and heard all three of the men barking with laughter. The laughter turned to groans of approval when she tightened her internal muscles and sucked Damon’s cock hard. Her silent demands were not lost on the brothers. She felt Tyson and Sam grab a hold of her waist and hips and began to move.

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