Slick Rock 27 - Survivors - by Becca Van

Jacquie ‘Jac’ Regan is heartbroken when she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Breaking up with him then and there, she didn’t expect him to beat her so badly, she almost died. Left with permanent damage, the left side of her face paralyzed and now drooping slightly, Jac’s self-confidence is almost zero and she swears off men for good.

After seeing a newspaper article and a photo of her estranged sister, she heads to Slick Rock, Colorado.

The moment she meets twins, Kody and Kalen Sherwin and their younger brother, Jagger, she wants nothing to do with them. However, they won’t be deterred since they know Jacquie is a perfect fit for them. The Sherwin brothers convince Jacquie to give a relationship a try and just when things appear to be on an even keel, peril strikes.

Jac’s missing and it’s up to Kody, Kalen and Jagger to find and rescue the woman they all love. But the three men aren’t sure they’ll find her in time.

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