Just as she’s facing financial ruin, Jodi Regan is offered the chance of a lifetime. She agrees to a partnership for a new shop, and though her life is changing for the better, she’s exhausted after three months of disturbed sleep. Someone is trespassing on her property and terrorizing her.

Whenever the police come, the cops can never find evidence of trespassers or foul play. Jodi wonders if she’s paranoid.

Deputies Walt, Dirk and Emmet Kyson are mesmerized by Jodi when they meet her and know she’s the woman for them.

Deeds from her childhood make her wary of men, but there’s no denying the attraction she feels for the brothers.

Jodi realizes she’s happy and in love, but the danger lurking in the background escalates and she’s abducted.

It’s a race against time for the Kyson brothers and their colleagues to figure out who’s abducted Jodi and to rescue her.

When a gun is put against her head, she thinks her life is over.

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