Cindy couldn’t believe she was sitting on a sofa surrounded by four hot, handsome men. Or that she was totally naked.

She jerked when Jake licked up through her folds and swiped the flat of his tongue over her clit. It felt so good, so sublime, she wanted more. Even though she was a little disconcerted that she was naked for the first time in front of the Kenny brothers she knew she’d eventually get over her embarrassment.

When she felt the cushion move next to her, the opposite side where Shane was sitting, she opened her eyes. Grant gave her a sexy wink, took over holding her casted arm, and watched her intently as he carefully moved her arm away from her chest.

Cindy was so high on pleasure right now, she wasn’t feeling any pain at all. All four of the men were being so gentle and careful not to touch where her healing wounds were or to jostle her arm.

“You are so fucking sexy, sweetie. I love how your breasts taste.”

She shivered as goose bumps raced over her skin, but she was in no way feeling chilled. In fact, she was so hot she felt as if she were burning up. Jake, Curt, Shane, and Grant had lit a blaze inside of her that just kept flaming higher and higher. She was sure she was about to self-combust.

Jake was licking, sucking, and lapping at her pussy. Each time his tongue caressed over her clit, tension invaded her muscles. Her lower abdomen felt as if it had melted, yet a taut pressure was growing hotter and higher inside of her.

Curt stroked a finger down her cheek, causing her to tilt her head back and meet his eyes. She barely had time to blink before his mouth was on hers. The kiss he laid on her was hot, wet, and wild.

Shane and Grant were alternately kneading and sucking at her breasts and nipples. The pleasurable sensations were so good they were driving her crazy.

Jake stroked his tongue up through her folds again, but this time instead of making the return journey to her weeping pussy hole, he lightly flickered his tongue back and forth over her aching clit.

“Oh!” she moaned when he rimmed her entrance with a finger before dipping into her soaked pussy.

Curt, still leaning over the back of the sofa, was nibbling and kissing up and down the side of her neck.

Cream spilled from her pussy when he delved his tongue into her ear. Cindy had no idea that her ear was an erogenous zone until then, but then she’d thought only her breasts and pussy would be sensitive to a man’s touch. How wrong she’d been. With all four men touching, kissing, and stroking her, her entire body felt as if it was one big aching mass of need.

Jake gained more depth with his finger, sparking all those responsive nerve endings to life.

Shane released the nipple he’d been sucking on with a pop. “Do you like having Jake’s finger in your sexy cunt, baby?”

“Oh.” She shook with arousal at his dirty, sexy words. “Yes.”

“You are so fucking hot and wet,” Jake rasped out. “So fucking tight.”

She moaned when he started pumping his finger in and out of her pussy. It felt so amazing, and she could already feel that blissful spiral she’d heard so much about winding tighter and tighter.

Intense liquid heat gathered in her lower belly, and the tension in her muscles made them tauten. Jake lashed the tip of his tongue over her clit, added another finger to her pussy, and began to thrust them into and out of her sex.

Grant and Shane drew her nipples into her mouth suckling firmly on the hard, throbbing nubs, and Curt kissed her with feverish hunger.

She sobbed with pleasure when Jake twisted his fingers inside of her and began to pump them harder, faster, deeper.

The blazing ball of hungry lust spread outward until the blaze inside was consuming her with hungry flames.

The pressure was so powerful she was sure she was about to explode.

Jake rubbed his fingers over an ultrasensitive spot on the top wall of her pussy just as he pulled her clit between his lips and sucked on it.

“Jake!” Cindy screamed as she climaxed for the first time.

She trembled and jerked as rapturous glory swept her up in a tidal wave of bliss so pure, so forcefully passionate, white lights flashed in front of her eyes. Juices dripped from her pussy with each convulsive clench of her inner muscles as she came and came some more.

By the time the last aftershock faded away, she was sheened in a light coating of perspiration, and her pussy and inner thighs were soaked with her juices.

She kept her eyes closed, savoring the residual tingles coursing through her body as she tried to regain her breath.

All four of the Kenny men were stroking lightly over her body as she came back down from her orgasmic high.

“Was that good, honey?” Jake asked, his voice deeper and hoarse.

Cindy couldn’t believe he’d asked that since she thought it was pretty obvious she’d enjoyed how they’d made her come since she’d screamed his name. “It wasn’t just good,” she said when she was sure she could talk without stuttering. “It was orgasmic.”

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