Sammy Reilly is scared of men after being beaten by her ex, Todd Lowell, but when he threatens to kill her daughter, she knows it’s beyond time to leave.

Sammy ends up in Slick Rock, Colorado, and is lucky enough to acquire a job at the new library.

Maddox, Logan, and Haden Keegan know that Sammy is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but they can tell their size frightens her.

After taking a tumble in the street and being helped by the three Keegan men, she can’t help being in lust with them. However, she’s determined to ignore the sparks firing between them and her.

The three brothers are dogged in their pursuit and when Sammy sees how caring they are toward Lily, she can’t help falling in love with them.

Danger follows Sammy to Slick Rock, and when her daughter is kidnapped, she’s willing to sacrifice her own life to save her baby’s.

Will Sammy and Lily survive?

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