Slick Rock 13 – Triple H Ranch

Slick Rock 13 – Triple H Ranch. Scared, exhausted and out of options, Cat is aided by three retires SEALs brothers on the outskirts of Slick Rock. Hank, Barry and David Heritage live at the Triple H Ranch, the ideal semi-retired lifestyle.

Though Cat is well aware of the influence her “hero’s” have on her, she can not forget her difficult relationship past, or her current life threatening predicament. She needs to use her head now more than ever.

Slick Rock 13 - Triple H Ranch - By Becca VanShe took in the cream-colored walls of the bedroom she’d first woken in after her scary flight. Hank lowered her feet to the floor, and then he cupped her face between his hands again. “Don’t be nervous, sweetheart. We would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I know,” Cat replied sincerely, and she did deep in her heart. These compassionate loving men would never deliberately harm her.

Hank lowered his mouth to hers and started to kiss her, his lips brushing back and forth over hers until she was once more panting for breath. The moment her lips parted, his tongue swept inside, delving deep, tasting every inch of her mouth.

Heat warmed her back, and as she inhaled through her nose, she knew that it was Barry behind her. A shiver of need raced up her spine, and she moaned when Barry’s hands landed on her hips before caressing up her sides to just under her arms and the outside of her breasts.

“So damn, sexy,” David growled and then a large warm hand landed on her stomach beneath her shirt.

The instant Barry’s hands moved from the outside of her breasts to envelop them was the minute Cat knew that she’d made the right decision. Hank’s mouth on hers, David’s hand stroking her belly, and Barry’s hands kneading her breasts felt so right, so good.

She almost cried out with disappointment when Hank broke the kiss, but she swallowed the sound in her chest back down when her shirt was tugged up and off over her head.

“Fucking perfect,” Barry rasped.

Cat looked up at him over her shoulder, and her pussy clenched with need when she saw the hunger in his eyes. He was staring at her lace-covered breasts and licking his lips as if he were hungry for a taste.

“Let’s get these off,” David said in a hoarse whisper.

Gazing toward him, and she was surprised to see him on his knees at her side. He pulled on the button of her jeans, and he tugged until the button came free from its mooring. He lifted his head and met her gaze as he moved to the zipper, but he didn’t pull it down. His eyebrow quirked in query, and she licked her lips before nodding her consent.

David’s heated gaze turned almost feral as he slowly lowered the metal clasp before he and Barry pushed her jeans over her hips and down her legs.

“We forgot her shoes,” David said.

Cat squeaked when Barry scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed before sitting on the edge of the mattress and plonking her in his lap.

Hank and David moved until they were within touching distance, each of them taking the time to remove her shoes and socks before pulling her jeans from her lower legs.

“Are you okay, baby?”

Another surge of arousal coursed through her veins, heating her blood and causing her pussy to clench and ache. The scent of her desire was so strong even she could smell it and she still had her panties on.

“Yes,” she moaned when Barry covered her bra-clad breasts with his hands and molded them with his fingers and palms.

“Look at me, Cat,” Barry demanded.

She looked up at him just as he leaned forward and slanted his lips over hers. The kiss was hot, wet, and wild, making her insides burn even hotter. Her moan was muffled by his mouth, but was still loud to her own ears. Barry released her mouth and began to lick and nibble on her neck.

Hands skimmed over her shoulders, pushing the straps of her bra down her arms just before she felt a tug on the front clasp of her bra. The material parted, her areolae puckered, and her nipples hardened as the cooler air in the room wafted over the sensitive nubs. They began to throb with need, and just as she was about to demand that one of them do something to relieve the ache, a hot, wet tongue laved over first one tip and then the other.

She gasped and arched into the touch and then moaned loudly as both nipples were taken into warm moist mouths. Her closed lids fluttered open, and her body shook with need when she saw Hank’s and David’s heads so close to her chest as they suckled on her nipples.

Hank released her nipple with a pop, licking her skin as he moved down her body, over her stomach toward her panty-covered mound. Her cunt clenched, and cream dripped out onto her already soaked panties. A cry left her lips when his tongue dipped under the waistband of her undies, and then his fingers hooked into the sides and tugged them off over her hips and down her legs.

He lifted his head and met her gaze with his passion-hazed blue eyes. “I need to taste you, sweetheart.”

That was the only warning she got. His hands landed on her knees, and he gently pried them wide before moving between her spread thighs and lowering his head to her pussy.

The first touch of his tongue on her cunt had her moaning and bowing her hips up. The second lick had her sobbing with a pleasure so acute she wasn’t sure she could stand it.

“Fucking delicious.”

Hank hadn’t lifted his head when he spoke and the deep rumbles of his voice against her clit had her balancing on the edge of something so big she couldn’t draw a breath.

Barry gripped her chin, tilting her head back so she could meet his gaze. “Breathe, baby. Just relax. We’ll take care of you.”

David flicked his tongue over a nipple, which sent shards of pleasure straight down to her clit. Her vision waivered when Barry leaned to the side and began to kiss her again, while he used a hand to pluck and pinch at her free nipple.

Keeping Cat safe will be another mission for the SEALS from Slick Rock. Can they do it?

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