Slick Rock 12 – Loving Sanctuary

Slick Rock 12 – Loving Sanctuary, Sabrina is running away from trouble and danger, running till she has no more energy. She finally collapses in the dinner in Slick Rock. Concerned and attracted the Wendall brothers try to look out for the vulnerable young lady in their midst.

With expert computer technical abilities, her old boss has the ability to find Sabrina, and means to do anything to stop his business from being compromised. Danger is coming to Slick Rock, and the brothers are intent on being in the way.

Will they be able to protect her from an unknown assailant? Can they win her heart?

Slick Rock 12 - Loving Sanctuary - By Becca VanTrick broke the kiss and it took all of her ability to not reach out to him when he rose to his feet, but then he was reaching out to her. He took her hands in his and pulled her up from the bed and as he stared at her for so long she began to wonder if he’d changed his mind.

His next words relieved her mind and made her knees feel week. “Why don’t we get rid of the robe, sweetheart? We want to see all of you.” His hands reached for the belt tied at her waist and he hesitated a moment as if waiting for her to protest, but when she didn’t she felt the knot loosen and then he was pushing it from her shoulders.

“Fucking beautiful.” She heard Trent’s voice as if from a long way off. It felt like she’d been waiting for this moment all her life and now that it was here—everything felt a little surreal.

“We need to get you more comfortable, baby,” Trent whispered in her ear as he moved up behind her and she gasped when he pulled her back against his front. Her skin felt almost alive, so sensitive as if all the nerve endings were exposed as his clothes brushed against her naked flesh. He was so warm and hard, she wanted to turn around and rip his shirt open so she could know what it was like to have his skin beneath her hands and fingertips. But she wasn’t that confident and didn’t want to do anything wrong.

Trent lifted her up into his arms and then lowered her into the middle of the bed. He got up on one side of her and Tristan got up on the other. She looked toward Trick when he pulled his T-shirt up over his head and felt like drooling when she saw his tanned muscular chest, wide shoulders, large biceps and washboard abs. Trent and Tristan tugged their shirts off too and she panted as she took in their brawny physiques. She’d never seen men as fit and ripped as these three and just looking at them caused her pussy to clench and drip moisture.

Trick gained the bed near her feet and she inhaled raggedly when his hands landed on her shins, before caressing up and down over her skin, to her lower thighs.

Tristan cupped her cheek and turned her toward him. He’d scooted down on the bed on his side and was lying with his head propped up on his hand. “I need to kiss you again, darlin’.”

Then he was doing just that. He didn’t start out tentative. He devoured her. And then she moaned into his mouth when a hand cupped and molded one of her breasts. She didn’t have to look to know that Trent was touching her. The warmth simmering low in her belly grew hotter and brighter making her muscles feel like they had no substance. The hands on her legs moved higher and higher and she couldn’t help but arch her hips up begging for them to touch her where she was aching to be touched.

Her nipple was caressed lightly with a finger or thumb and then it was being squeezed between the two. The hands on her legs widened them and her cry was muffled by Tristan’s mouth when fingers explored her pussy.

“So fucking wet.” She heard Trick rasp.

The mattress between her legs dipped. Arms wrapped around her thighs and then she was being spread wide. Trent released her mouth just as Trick licked her. The moan which emitted from her lips seemed overly loud in the room, but she couldn’t help it.

“Yes, baby,” Trent almost growled. “Let us hear how much you like it.”

Trick’s tongue was gently and slowly laving over her clit. With each pass of his tongue the pleasure grew and the tension built. She moaned when he rimmed a finger around her entrance and then dipped into her creamy cunt. Her pussy clenched forcing moisture from inside to drip down over her perineum to her ass. But when he pushed that finger up inside it felt so damn good that her mouth opened on a breathless cry.

Trent took advantage of her gaping mouth and kissed her with a voracious hunger. She couldn’t prevent a sob of pleasure when Trick began pumping his finger in and out of her vagina.

“So fucking tight, sweetheart,” Trick rasped before he started licking over her clit again. She wanted to reach down, grab hold of his hair and shove his mouth tighter against her pussy but she fisted the sheet in her hands instead.

She’d never known the walls of her cunt to be so sensitive before. She felt every slide and glide of his finger as he stroked in and out. The groan elicited from her mouth was muffled by Trent’s when Trick added another finger. She felt full and stretched and although everything they were doing to her was blissful, she wanted more.

Trick ramped up the speed of his thrusting fingers as well as the rapid movement of his tongue over her engorged pearl. The fire simmering inside grew as did the tension in her muscles and she began to wonder if she would survive such ecstasy.

Tristan leaned down, took a nipple into his mouth and bit down gently yet firmly making her cry out, but he didn’t hurt her. The pleasure and pain sent another surge of endorphins traveling through her blood, heating it so much she was scared it may start boiling inside her.

Every muscle in her body grew taut, making her arms and legs shake, her stomach muscles jump and her sheath seemed to gather in on itself.

Sabrina is another strong, independent woman finding peril by accident. Can she survive the threat of a vengeful corporate plot? Will she give herself to the men trying to save her?

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