Slick Rock 10 – Triple M Ranch 

Slick Rock 10 – Triple M Ranch. Continuing the narration from Becca Van’s Slick Rock

Cashmere infatuation of one ranch hand, fails to see the interest of three others. Will danger of an obsessed stalker get in the way of a menage love, or will the brothers save the day and win her heart.

Rejoin the stories in Slick Rock, this Excerpt will open the door to the Triple M Ranch.



Slick Rock 10 – Triple M Ranch - By Becca Van

Slick Rock 10 – Triple M Ranch

Cain placed an arm across her upper back and slowed her backward motion so she didn’t hurt herself. Her chest rose and fell with each gasp she took and her belly quivered when she felt Bruce’s fingers at the button of her jeans.

I can smell your honey from here, Cash. I can’t wait to get a taste of your cream.”

What are you doing to me?” she cried out.

Cash turned her head toward Cain when he got up on the table beside her. He was lying right next to her, with his head propped up on his hand. His free hand landed on her belly and then he began to lightly rub up and down on her skin. His hand crept up higher as he lowered his head. She closed her eyes just before his lips covered hers and his hand covered her breast.

Cash sobbed with overwhelming pleasure while Cain kissed her deeply, hungrily all the while he kneaded her breast. She cried out when his finger pinched her nipple and couldn’t help the instinct to arch up into his touch. Her whole body was one big aching mass of need and she didn’t know what to do to stop the pleasurable pain.

Fingers tugged at her jean’s button and zipper and then her ass was lifted and then jeans and panties were being pulled down her legs. Cash shivered as the cool air caressed her naked flesh. A chair scraped over the tile floor and then her legs were being pushed apart. Warm moist air wafted over her wet pussy and then she moaned into Cain’s mouth as a hot tongue licked up through her folds.

Danny released her hands at the same time Cain removed his lips from her mouth and then they each placed an arm down by her sides. Danny was still leaning over her from behind but since he was so tall he had no trouble reaching her. He leaned down and licked over the tip of her nipple and when he sucked the peak into his mouth, Cain did the same with the other. Two hot wet mouths suckling on her breasts and another licking at her pussy was almost too much to bear.

When Bruce rimmed her cunt with a large, thick finger and licked across her clit at the same time she groaned at the pleasure and wondered how much more she could take. Her muscles were taut with tension, yet she felt so boneless she knew if she tried to stand she would fall in a heap on the floor.

Cash groaned when the tip of Bruce’s finger penetrated her wet sheath and tried to arch her hips up in silent demand for more. Two big hands landed on her belly, one up high near her ribs and the other down low so the fingers were touching her mound.

You taste so fucking good, Cash. I want to hear you scream my name when you come.”

Cash moaned. Bruce had only lifted his mouth from her pussy enough to talk and the vibrations of his voice sent more pleasure wracking through her sex. Even her ass felt the vibrations and she gasped at the unexpectedly carnal delight. Another gush of juice leaked out and covered her pucker. She was so hot and turned on, the ache inside her was interminable and she wanted relief, now.

She groaned with pleasure when Bruce’s finger pushed into her pussy further and then he began to slowly retreat. Cain and Danny continued to lick and suck her breasts, sending electrical sparks straight down to her pussy until she thought she was going to go out of her mind with need.

Please,” she sobbed with pleasure and frustration.

Please what, sugar,” Danny mumbled around her nipple and she arched her chest up.

I need…”

Cain released her nipple with a pop and then asked, “What do you need, baby?”

I—I don’t…I… need…”

Cash winced when Bruce pushed his finger into her a little deeper and then sighed with relief as he drew back. His tongue laved over her clit faster and faster and he continued to thrust his finger into her, but shallower this time. She knew that there was something she needed to tell them, but she couldn’t think. Every time the words came to her lips, they drifted away on a sea of arousal as they touched her.

The fit of Bruce’s finger got tighter and it took her a moment to realize he’d pressed two fingers into her pussy. She’d seen how long and thick his fingers were and just imagining what they looked like pumping in and out of her vagina sent the fire inside her burning hotter. The pressure on her clit and inside her got more intense when Bruce caged her clit between his teeth and then suckled continuously. She writhed beneath their pleasurable ministrations but couldn’t move much with the hands holding her down.

She’d never felt anything like this before. It felt like her insides were being wound up tighter and tighter, like a spring was being primed and the added friction of those big fingers moving in and out of her was too much. Her legs trembled and then she screamed Bruce’s name as the coil broke. Her body convulsed, fire consumed her and her pussy clenched down hard on the fingers still moving in and out of her sheath. Fluid dripped from her pussy and waves of pure rapture washed over her again and again. Her mind became fuzzy and she gasped for breath and then her head banged down onto the table when she slumped.


Cashmere Woodall needs her eyes opened, but is she ready to see what is in store for her at the Triple M Ranch?


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