Slave Gold Dimensions 2 – Goddess Gifted

Slave Gold Dimensions 2 – Goddess Gifted Book cover by Becca Van“Look at me, baby,” Jarrett ordered. He was rolling a nipple between his finger and thumb, sending shards of pleasure shooting down to her cunt. Kasper was alternately suckling and scraping his teeth over her other nipple.

She turned to meet Jarrett’s desire-hazed blue eyes, inhaling just before he slanted his mouth over hers. He didn’t start off slow the way Kasper had. He devoured her as if he was starving and she was his last meal.

Belle kissed him back just as hungrily.

* * * *

Weldon couldn’t believe he and his brothers were about to claim their mate. He groaned as he swallowed her sweet-tasting cream, slowly easing his finger in and out of her cunt. She was so fucking tight. Though he was eager to make love to her and make her his, he was worried he was going to end up hurting her. None of them were small males and were well-proportioned all over. He was going to have to take his time with Belle because the last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain.

His dick was harder than it had ever been before, and it was throbbing with an incessant need to be buried deep inside his woman, but first he needed to get her off. If she reached her peak before he penetrated her, she would be wetter and hopefully her internal muscles would be more relaxed.

Deciding that was his plan of action, he started licking at her clit faster and faster as he sped up the speed of his thrusting finger. She clenched around him, her groan of pleasure muffled as Jarrett continued to kiss her. While their women didn’t have a clit, they did have a knot of nerves just inside the entrance of their pussy as well as another along the top wall of their sheaths, plus one deep inside near the entrance to their wombs. Having the bundle of nerves on the outside of her sex where it was easily accessible was an added advantage in his mind. He and his brothers would be able to get Belle off without even penetrating her.

He would love to have hours to explore all the ways he could make their mate come, but that was for another day. Weldon started lashing her clit with his tongue faster and faster, harder and harder, pumping his finger in and out of her pussy, getting deeper and deeper. He groaned with need when her sex rippled around his finger, latching on as if she didn’t want him leaving her cunt or trying to pull him in more.

When he’d worked that finger all the way in as far as it could go, he pulled out and added another finger. Since he was a big male compared to Belle’s diminutive size, his fingers were also long and thick, and as he eased them into her hot, tight cunt, he hoped he wasn’t hurting her. However, he didn’t think she was feeling any pain because of the sounds she was making.

Even though he was eager to tip her over the edge, Weldon took his time working his fingers into her pussy. He thrust them in and out slowly, almost at a leisurely pace, which belied the hungry need boiling in his gut, throbbing cock, and aching balls.

As soon as he had his fingers embedded all the way inside of her, he held still, giving her time to get used to having her cunt filled as her muscles clamped and released around his digits.

He gazed up along her body toward her face, groaning when he saw both of his brothers sucking on her nipples as if they were babes trying to get their fill. Belle’s neck and face were flushed, her lips were kiss-swollen red, and she had her eyes closed. The pulse point at the base of her throat was fluttering wildly, and she was rolling her head to and fro on the pillow intermittently.

When she lifted her hips up toward his face, he took that as a sign that his mate was ready for more and lowered his head again.

As he eased his fingers from her dripping, creamy cunt he started licking, nibbling, and lashing the tip of his tongue over her clit. Each time he pumped his fingers, he increased the pace and ramped up the speed of his flickering tongue.

She gasped and groaned, her legs trembling in his hold. Her belly muscles jumped each time he stroked back in and lashed her clit with his tongue. Her breathing grew faster and shallower, and when he felt the tension invading her thigh muscles, her body, Weldon knew she was getting closer and closer to her peak.

Calling on his wolf, he danced his tongue over her clit faster than ever as he pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy.

She stopped breathing. When she exhaled as she tipped over the edge, she screamed, “Weldon!”

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