Rainy Camp Days ⛈️?️


Happy Halloween ? to all my American friends and those who celebrate the day. I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families and friends.

My man and I did go camping and though we were going to camp for 2 weeks we only ended up doing so for 1 week.

We ended up at the Rocklands Reservoir about an hour out of Horsham in Victoria and we were lucky enough to miss the huge storm that came through the day after we set up camp. It did, however, rain nonstop for three days but luckily we were able to run the diesel heater to stay relatively warm. The canvas awning and our small van also kept us dry.

We also knew that there was another huge low front headed our way and since everything had dried out we decided to pack up early and head to South Australia to visit my man’s parents for a few days.

We did enjoy our relaxing time even though it was cold and wet. We saw a lot of ducks, rosella parrots, kangaroos, wallabies and even a couple of emus.

The visit with my in-laws was good and it was great to catch up with my mother and father-in-law.
It looks as if the rain will be with us for a few more months as we are in our third La Nina. My heart goes out to those in all the flood affected areas.

Even though I have a pull-out kitchen in our camper, I love cooking in the small cast iron camp oven we have over the fire, or should I say using the coals from a fire when it isn’t raining.

I actually made roast chicken and veg one night which was delicious. I also made an upside-down apple cake that was scrumptious and turned out perfectly even if I do say so myself. It was the first time I’d attempted to make a dessert in the camp oven. I used two cans of pink lady apples and a vanilla cake mix. I did mix a little of the icing sugar in with the apple to sweeten it slightly, made the cake batter and poured it over the top. The only thing missing was custard and or ice cream. I will have to remember to take some of that with me next time.

Yes we have a small portable car fridge/freezer to store perishables.

We thought you might like to see some of Australia’s fauna and hear how a couple of birds’ sound. Magpies, though dangerous in spring since they are so territorial and swoop anyone and anything if they think you’re too close to their nests and their babies, but they have the most fantastic warble that I could listen to for hours. Check out these cheeky buggers, looking for a free feed.

Of course, nothing will ever beat the laugh of the kookaburra, a kingfisher species. Hearing a kookaburra laugh is contagious and wonderful.

I could mention a few more and even though we’ve never seen one out in the wild, the lyrebird is the most magical of them all. The lyrebird can mimic any sound such as police, ambulance and fire truck sirens, cameras, dogs, chainsaws and so many other noises. There are videos of this bird online so if you’re curious then do a search and have your mind blown.
I hope you all have a great weekend.
Stay safe, sane, happy, and healthy.
Love Becca Van xxoo.


What Have I Been Writing?

I’ve just sent off book 4 of my Rescue Ranch Series, titled Saving Krystal to my publisher for possible publication.

Krystal is also a psychic but different to the other three women in this series.

I hope Siren BookStrand like my story enough to publish it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Fae Kingdom 3 - Princess Sadie - by Becca Van




Fae Kingdom 3 –               

                  Princess Sadie


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Fae Kingdom 2 - Princess Shailyn - by Becca Van


Slave Gold Elites 5 –

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Released October 12.


Game Over by Becca Van


Game Over

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The Rescue Ranch 2 - Saving Elicia by Becca Van

The Rescue Ranch 2 –

                      Saving Elicia

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Release Date October 21

What Have I Been Reading?

Suzan Stoker - Finding Carly (Seal Team Hawaii Book 5)

While I was away I read a few books, but one was more prevalent in my mind since I enjoyed it so much.

Susan Stoker’s Finding Carly (SEAL Team Hawaii Book 5).

This was a great story and Jag was so patient with the woman of his dreams. There was suspense, romance and so much more to keep a reader engrossed.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next time.


Becca Van XXOO

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