Please Save Me

Please Save Me - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Please Save Me

I promise you’ll like what we do to you. Lie back and let us love you, sugar,” Steve stated and waited until she flopped back down on the bed. He moved up higher between her thighs. Supporting his weight on his arms and hands, he leaned over her and kissed her. She moaned softly into his mouth as he sucked on her lips. Then he drew her bottom lip into his mouth and laved his tongue over her flesh. When she gasped he took advantage and thrust his tongue into her warm, moist depths, tasting every inch of her, until she began to move beneath him restlessly.

Nipping her when she tried to take over control of their kiss, he slid his tongue against hers and pushed it back into her mouth until she became pliant and subservient to his demands. Lifting his mouth from hers, he waited until she opened her slumberous, desire-glazed eyes to his. Both her eyes were a deep, misty green as she stared back at him with passion-laden eyes.

You don’t get to take control, Selina. Best you remember that if you don’t want me to spank that pretty little ass of yours,” he stated and seared her with his gaze, and then he moved away from between her limbs. “Gary’s going to fuck that sweet, dripping pussy, honey, and I am going to fuck that ass. Have you ever had anal sex, sugar?”

N−No,” she replied hesitantly.

Don’t worry, baby. Steve will take good care of you,” Gary said. He climbed from the bed and shifted her until her legs were hanging off the bed with her ass on the edge. “I can’t wait any longer, Selina. I have to have a taste of your cream.”

The sight of Gary diving down to taste Selina’s cunt made Steve’s balls ache and his cock pulse. It was so fucking erotic he could barely keep himself in check. He wanted to fuck them both at the same time, and he could feel his heart clenching and yearning for both of their love. Gary growled and slurped as he lapped up her juices, and Steve wanted to get between her thighs and help his lover pleasure Selina, but he held back.

He was so used to being in control that he didn’t know if he was capable of relinquishing it to someone else. Steve had only let Gary top him a couple of times in all the years they’d been together, and that was only because he hadn’t been able to hold back with his lover. He had cursed his aberration after Gary had finished making love to him, and even though he had seen the sadness in his lover’s eyes, he still hadn’t been able to talk about why he loved to have complete and utter control in the bedroom, other than the first time he had told Gary what he had endured as a child.

Gary lifted his head and had a huge smile on his face as he looked at him.

She tastes so fucking delicious I could spend hours eating her pussy.”

Steve felt his lips quirk at the ends and shifted his gaze to Selina. She looked like a sex goddess with her brown hair spread out on the pillow in a wild tangle. Her lips were rosy and full from their kisses, her eyes glazed with passion, and her face flushed with arousal. He had never seen a sexier sight. He reached over to the bedside table, pulled out a handful of condoms, and handed one to Gary. He watched his lover sheathe his dick, and between the two of them, they lifted Selina until she was sitting on Gary’s lap straddling his thighs. Gary sat on the edge of the bed, his feet planted on the floor, and then he grasped her by her hips and hoisted her up so that his cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy.

The sight of Gary penetrating Selina was erotic as hell, and Steve grabbed his cock and began to stroke in time to the shallow thrusts his lover made until his cock was buried into her balls deep. Her sobbing pants and moans filled the air, and when Gary leaned in to kiss her, he also pinched her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs.

Steve’s muscles were so taut with tension he felt like he could snap at any moment. The sight of Gary’s cock buried in Selina’s pussy had pre-cum leaking from the slit in his cock. His balls ached as his cock bobbed up and down with the beat of his heart. He reached into the drawer beside the bed and grabbed the tube of lube. After donning a condom, he breathed deeply in and out of his mouth a few times until some of the tension left his body.

Popping open the tube, he squirted some of the cool gel onto the tips of two fingers and knelt down on the floor behind Selina, indicating to Gary with a nod of his head to hold her still.

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