Passion, Victoria 9 – Flowering Passions - By Becca Van

Molly Godfrey moves to Passion to realize her dream of running her own florist shop. When she meets the two real estate owners, Steven and Giles Blaze, she is instantly attracted to the blond, blue-eyed hunks, but doesn’t think she stands a chance of attracting them. Molly considers herself a plain Jane with her unruly curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
Even though she accepts a night out with the two brothers and is fascinated by them, she doesn’t realize that they are attracted to her. They call into her shop each day to talk to her, but she thinks they are just being friendly.
But when Molly gets herself into hot water with the law and then drug cultivators, Steven and Giles decide it’s time to up the ante, physically and emotionally, with their woman and also to protect her. After someone tries to hurt Molly, the Blaze brothers call in their SAS trained cousins. They will do anything to keep their woman safe.

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