Passion, Victoria 7 – Duncan and Alec

Passion, Victoria 7 – Duncan and Alec, another chapter in the lives unfolding in a small country town in Australia. Passion, a town with an active and accepted polyamorous community has drawn in the McLeod brothers, but finding the woman of their dreams seems an impossibility. That is until Crystal literary crashes into their town and their hearts.

Crystal’s heading on a much needed holiday but ends up in the care of the McLeod brothers instead.

Trouble drags Crystal back to reality and makes her rethink her life choices. Is peace possible for Crystal? Read the blurb to find out more.

Passion, Victoria 7 - Duncan and Alec - By Becca Van

Duncan and Alec McLeod watch from the sidelines as their friends in the town of Passion, Victoria, Australia, become involved in polyandrous relationships, interacting happily in love. The two men have just about given up hope of ever finding a woman of their own to share and love.

On the way home from the Four Passion Club late one night, the two men are involved in a near miss, head-on accident. They watch in horror as a small car swerves away from their vehicle to slam into a large tree. They help the woman, Crystal Parrish, to recuperate by offering her a bed. They know she is the one woman meant to be theirs.

Crystal’s life ends up in jeopardy when she is abducted by the hardened mobster, Christoph Blane, and his two henchmen. Will they be able to find her? Or will evil prevail?

Passion brings people in and together, can the McLeod brothers find their happiness? Does Crystal free herself from her past?


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