Passion, Victoria 4 – Beth’s Saviors

Passion, Victoria 4 – Beth’s Saviors takes us back to Passion, a small country town in rural Victoria Australia. Beth has a past, which will make the local law enforcement’s relationship with Beth so much more difficult to help her.

Will Beth be able to go beyond her personal pain and let her would be protectors into her life? Read the following Adult Excerpt and peek into how the story develops.

Passion, Victoria 4 - Beth's Saviors

Passion, Victoria 4 – Beth’s Saviors

“Relax, hon, it’s just me.”

How the hell she was supposed to relax when she’d ended up sandwiched between two men was beyond her, especially when they were making her body burn from the inside out. Noah had broken the kiss and then he had turned her toward Zach. Zach had pulled her up close against his body and devoured her mouth. She’d whimpered when Noah had stepped away from her but then Tom had come up behind her and she’d sighed with relief. Her body had been aching so much for the touch and even though their kisses made her ache more she didn’t want them to stop touching her.

By the time Zach weaned his mouth from her lips she’d been so turned on she could hardly stand upright and see straight. Tom turned her by her shoulders and then he had kissed her hungrily. The kiss was hot, wet, wild, and carnal and Beth knew if she didn’t stop them she would end up in bed with them. She didn’t know if she could go through with her plan to leave if that happened so she had stopped the kiss with Tom and scurried from the room.

Beth had felt a little guilty over that. The poor men were probably confused by her mixed signals just as much as she was. She wanted and needed their touch and kisses but was scared they would come to mean too much to her. She came back to the present when Tom shifted and it was only then she realized that she was breathing too fast.

She knew they knew she was awake and her breath hitched in her throat when the covers were pulled down and three sets of hands began touching her. She should have opened her eyes but she didn’t want to break the sensual spell they had begun to weave over her. Beth had wanted this for so long and now that it was actually happening, she didn’t intend to stop them. She couldn’t deny the ache deep inside anymore or the way she was becoming to care for each of them. The more time she spent with them the more she felt.

Large, warm hands were running up and down her body, coaxing her thighs apart as they slid along the length on her inner thighs. She moaned and arched her lower body then moaned again as more hands joined in and began to caress her. The hands seemed to be everywhere, on her thighs, her hips, stomach, and breasts. She moaned again as they massaged the small, firm globes of her breasts, then gave a gasp of pleasure as fingers plucked and pulled at her sensitive nipples through the silk of her lacy bra.

The cups of her bra were pulled down and her nipples were enclosed in warm, wet mouths and she pushed her chest up for better contact. She felt her panties being pulled down her legs and off over her feet. Another pair of hands spread her legs wide, then a large, gentle finger ran the length of her inner folds, gathering the cream weeping from her body, and then another finger moved to her clit where it circled the erect bundle of nerves. Around and around with ever-decreasing circles the finger rubbed, until she was writhing with the exquisite pleasure.

Another thick digit pushed its way inside her wet sheath and she nearly screamed when the finger on her clit was removed to be replaced by a hot, wet tongue. Her mouth encountered warm soft masculine lips and she opened with a sigh then whimpered as the tongue thrust in to tangle with hers.

Tom was kissing her. Noah was between her legs and Zach was paying homage to her breasts. She was on sensation overload. Hands and mouths caressed her whole body and she lay shaking with her desire. Never had she experienced anything like this and she wanted them to continue touching her.

“She’s so wet and damned tight,” Noah said in a deep voice, and Beth wanted to open her eyes but they were weighted with desire and wouldn’t obey her command.

“Are you a virgin, Beth?”

She was a little embarrassed that Noah had figured out her little secret but that didn’t really matter right now. All that mattered was that he, Zach, and Tom continue touching her.

“Yes,” she groaned.

“Oh yeah, she’s ours. No one else is going to ever see this delectable bald pussy and sexy little body,” Zach rasped.

“Beth, open your eyes, babe.” Noah demanded.

She opened her eyes and met a pair of blue orbs staring at her with hunger. Noah was kneeling between her spread thighs. The mattress beside her dipped and she shifted her gaze to either side of her, meeting a pair of hungry, soulful brown eyes and then heated, amber-flecked brown eyes. Zach and Tom were lying beside her.


“We want to pleasure you, Beth. Will you let us make you feel good?”

Beth stared at Noah uncomprehendingly for a moment and then felt her face heat with arousal when she realized what he’d asked. She’d thought they were already pleasuring her and had been wondering why they had stopped. She was so tired of being alone and lonely. Beth was sick and tired of fighting what she felt for these three men. Being on the run had been such a tiring feat and now that she had found a place to call home and men she was attracted to she wanted nothing more than to give up control and let them touch her, love her, cherish and protect her.

No Beth, not love. Love has nothing to do with this. It’s just sex.

She thought about refusing Noah’s request but she didn’t want to. She needed to feel alive and wanted, even if it was only in a physical way and for a short time. She needed these three men touching her, loving her, making her feel desirable.

Will the local law be able to protect Beth, and is Beth able to trust her saviors?

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