Passion, Victoria 3 – Tasha’s Story 

Passion, Victoria 3 – Tasha’s Story is fraught with fear of her growing feeling towards the men who are ever patiently courting her. Set in country Victoria, Australia, Tasha has some demons to expel before she can trust and let in the men who have worked so hard to become a part of her life.

Is she able to fully trust them? Is a passionate and fulfilling future together possible for Tasha? Read the following Adult Excerpt to get a insight of the story.

Passion, Victoria 3 - Tasha's Story

Passion, Victoria 3 – Tasha’s Story

The sensation of his hand on her was even better without the encumbrance of cotton or lace. He kneaded and molded her flesh until she was constantly moving. Sean lifted her shirt up even more and groaned when he eyed her breasts. Her nipples were a light pink color and they were standing to attention. He captured a hard nipple, gave it a squeeze, and then began to flick it back and forth with his thumb until she was writhing and arching up into his palm.

Jason nibbled his way from her ear to her mouth and then slid his lips back and forth trying to coax a response from Tasha. She opened to him when he slid his tongue along the seam of her lips. His brother took advantage and thrust his tongue into the sweetness of her mouth, tangling it with hers and she mewled in response.

Sean pushed her top up higher until it was around her shoulders and neck and then bent his head to suck first one, then the other turgid peak into his mouth. He sucked, licked, and laved the sensitive peaks until she once more bucked up into his touch. Gliding his hand down to the waistband of her jeans, he pulled the button from the hole then slid the zipper down. Sean pushed his hand down under the edge of her panties and cupped her mound, eliciting another cry from her. Slipping a large finger between her dew-covered folds, he gathered some of her cream then lightly ran his finger over and around her clitoris. He gave a smile of satisfaction when Tasha spread her legs wide open, giving him the unimpeded access he wanted. It would have been much better if she was naked but he wasn’t stopping until he had her begging for more. He’d waited too long for this moment and wasn’t about to give her an excuse to stop him from touching her like he’d been craving to do so.

* * * *

Tasha was drowning in need as the two men consumed her senses with their fire. Jason was giving her a kiss so carnal it was a wonder she didn’t burst into flames. The taste of him on her tongue was driving her wild. Warm, musky male burst on her taste buds as she tangled her tongue with his. She felt Sean slip a finger into her warm, wet pussy and couldn’t help the reflex action as she arched up into his touch, silently begging for more.

Sean slid a finger in and out of her wet sheath, pushing in further and further inside her as he pleasured her. She flinched when she felt a slight pinching sensation and relaxed again when he withdrew his finger and the bite of pain diminished. She wondered if he had felt the barrier and hoped he hadn’t. If he had, he may make a big deal out of her being a virgin and that was the last thing she wanted. As far as she was concerned, it was an insignificant piece of skin and she wanted it gone.

Tasha had never thought she would have one man in her life let alone two, but now that they were touching her, setting her body on fire, she wanted more. The fear, which had been with her since she was thirteen years old, wasn’t raising its ugly head, and she gave herself up to the pleasurable sensations assailing her. She’d never dreamed that she would be in this position, ever.

She’s a virgin, Jason. I think she’s afraid we will hurt her,” Sean said and she could have cringed with embarrassment. He had felt it after all.

Please?” Tasha gasped, not really sure what she was asking for but she didn’t want them to stop.

Keep her occupied, Jay. I’m going to remove her clothes and break through while making her come.”

Tasha heard Sean, knew what he was going to do, and hoped she didn’t make a fool of herself by crying when he broke that membrane of skin. She whimpered when Jason moved his hands down her body until he reached her breasts, pinching her hard nipples between his fingers and thumb. She wanted to tell them something but for the life of her she couldn’t remember. All thought flew from her head as they touched her. The sensations were out of this world and she couldn’t get enough.

Sean moved down Tasha’s body and quickly but gently divested her of her jeans and undies. He groaned and when she looked down he was staring at her bald pussy. He shifted and then settled between her splayed thighs and breathed in deeply.

Is he smelling me? Oh God.

He bent his head down until she could feel his breath puffing against her cunt and shifted her legs out wider. The first touch of his tongue on her protruding bundle of nerves sent warmth spreading through her body and she thrust her hips up. Sean grabbed hold of her pelvis, holding her gently but firmly, and then he licked and laved her flesh until her cream began to drip from her in a continuous weep.

His finger pressed into her and he stroked it in and out, his tongue still moving on her clit, flicking and twirling as he drove the flames of need higher. She felt that slight pinch again and knew his finger was pushing against her barrier. Tasha growled with frustration when he began to slid his finger out again but that growl turned to a moan when he pushed two back in. Her flesh burned a little as it stretched but she couldn’t get enough.

Sean twisted his fingers while they were still inside her and then he hit a spot inside that made her gasp and jerk. She began to moan louder and continuously as the tip of his fingers stroked that spot over and over again. He alternated between gliding his fingers in and out of her pussy and then rubbing that hot spot inside her.

Does Tasha have the strength to defeat her demons? Do the Gallagher brothers have the trust to allow them into Tasha’s Heart?

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