Passion, Victoria 12 – Jewel Of A Jillaroo

Passion, Victoria 12 – Jewel Of A Jillaroo. Jewel has for a long time guarded herself from becoming emotionally attached to anyone. Anyone except for her beloved Benjy, her rainbow coloured friend, companion and home. It’s a special bond between a girl and her Kombi Van.

Benjy has taken her on all of her adventures, but now he’s broken down and needs help. Fortunately Tiffany, a mechanic, comes by assisting Jewel and Benjy just outside of Passion.

Benjy is old and parts take time to reach Passion. So Jewel takes up work at the Handley Farm just out of town while Benjy gets repaired.

Jewel never knew the pull of her emotions when she is around the men at the farm.

Can she let her guard down? Will the men break through the wall of pain and distrust? Or can they melt away the years of ice build-up.

Passion, Victoria - Jewel Of A Jillaroo by Becca Van

Passion, Victoria 12 – Jewel Of A Jillaroo

He swirled his tongue around hers and his hands began to move up and down her body, following the contour of her curves. His hands stilled when they got to the outside of her breasts and when she arched her chest out in silent supplication, he couldn’t ignore it. While his mouth continued to ravage hers he cupped her breasts and moulded them with his palms and fingers.

Jewel mewled and broke the kiss to gasp in air. Her eyelids lifted and she looked at him through half-closed passion heavy eyes.

“We want you, Jewel,” Cal rasped. “Will you let me and my brothers touch you?”

“God! Yes!”

He kissed her reverently on the lips and gave her a gentle smile. “Thank you, honey. You won’t regret it. I promise.”

She didn’t give him a chance to say anymore, because she grabbed hold of his shirt and tugged him down. Her attempt at kissing him was innocent yet so full of passion his hard cock jerked against his zipper and pre-cum leaked from the tip. Her tongue pushed into his mouth making him groan.

 * * * *

 Jewel’s whole body was aching with a deep need and it felt like liquid fire was pouring through her veins and melting her from the inside out. She’d never been so damn hungry for anything in her life and even though she was an untutored virgin, she didn’t care. Nothing mattered but relieving the throbbing deep in her core and feeling their hands and mouths on her.

Cal took over the kiss, his tongue thrusting deep before coming back to glide along and swirl around with hers. She whimpered with denial when he broke the kiss but when her gaze her body began to tremble with desire and the inside of her grew hotter.

His hands went to the hem of her T-shirt and she lifted her arms giving him silent permission to take it off. He whipped the material up and over her head before flinging it aside. He growled low in his throat and when she looked at him she found him staring at her lace covered breasts. Her nipples hardened even more, her pussy clenched and juices leaked out.

“So fucking sexy,” Cal whispered.

“Beautiful,” Ash said in a hoarse voice.

Heath moved in closer and behind her. She felt his fingers on the clasp of her bra. “Let’s get this off of you, honey.”

Heat rose in her cheeks but she nodded her compliance and held her breath as her bra sprang apart, her breasts spilling from the cups. Heath caressed the straps from her shoulders and down her arms and she saw the bra fly across the room to land on the floor. He shifted behind her and then pulled her back until she was resting between his legs and leaning on him.

Cal never took his eyes from hers as he reached out and tugged at the button on her jeans and slowly lowered the zipper. He maneuvered down the bed and tugged her socks from her feet, then his fingers slid beneath the waistband of her jeans and began to pull them off of her hips. She lifted her pelvis and held her breath when she felt her undies being removed with her pants and once more held her breath as four sets of male eyes roamed over her naked body.

“You’re stunning, baby,” Finch almost growled his words.

Heath brushed her hair aside and began to nibble on her neck and shoulder. She gasped when zings of pleasure shot down to her pussy eliciting a mewl from her. “You like that, honey?”

“Yes,” she sighed her answer. She hadn’t realised she’d closed her eyes but they shot open when she felt two hands cupping and weighing her breasts.

“You have the best tits I’ve ever seen.” Cal groaned.

Jewel whimpered and arched when his hands enveloped her breasts and began kneading and moulding them. The whimper turned to a moan when he flicked his thumbs over both of her nipples.

‘I have to taste these little beauties,” Cal rasped and then he leaned forward, swiping his tongue over first one tip and then the other.

“Oh,” Jewel gasped.

“Does that feel good, honey?” Heath asked and then sucked on her neck just below her ear.

“More.” She cried out when Cal sucked her nipple into his mouth drawing on the throbbing tip firmly before switching to the other one.

Finch cupped her cheek, turned her head toward his and then covered her mouth with his. She was on sensation overload with Heath licking and nibbling on her neck, Cal sucking her breasts and Finch kissing her.

She startled when hands landed on her legs and felt the mattress dip in two places as the men shifted around her, but they didn’t stop touching, kissing or sucking on her flesh. Then her legs were separated further and the hands on her legs caressed from her shins, up her thighs until they were scant inches from her pussy.

Finch broke the kiss and then licked a path down to her other breast, laved the tip with his tongue and then suckled on it. She sobbed with pleasure when Ash stroked his fingers through her soaked pussy and she cried out when he lightly rubbed over her clit.

“So fucking responsive,” Ash whispered and then she moaned when she felt his warm breath on her cunt. “You smell so good, sweetheart. I have to have a taste of that sweet honey.”

Jewel Ellesworth has travelled the country, running from emotional attachment. Or has she really been looking for someone that can give it too her?

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