Passion, Victoria 10 – Jenna’s Destiny

Passion, Victoria 10 – Jenna’s Destiny. Jenna’s grief, from the death of her sister, takes a twist when Jenna’s sisters death is found to be by foul play. With the person responsible still on the loose, will Jenna be safe?

With a strong military presence, Jenna and her brother need to find the people responsible. Jenna’s destiny is clear, or is it? Read the Adult Excerpt below to learn more.

Passion, Victoria 10 - Jenna's Destiny - By Becca Van

Passion, Victoria 10 – Jenna’s Destiny

Dallas was sitting on the sofa when she entered the living room through the sliding glass doors and, without saying a word to her, held his hand out toward her. Jenna didn’t hesitate and hurried across to him and when she clasped his hand, he gave a slight tug and pulled her down onto his lap. She relaxed against him and breathed in deeply, taking his clean, male, fresh scent and light, spicy cologne into her olfactory senses. She would never get enough of smelling them. They smelled so right to her.

Are you okay, honey?” Dallas nudged her chin up until she met his green-flecked brown eyes.


Dallas squeezed her tight but not enough to hurt her or make it difficult to breathe. “You feel so right in my arms, Jenna. I never want to let you go.”

Jenna’s heart sped up in her chest and her breath hitched in her throat as Dallas slowly began to lower his head. Her eyes flicked to his lips and she licked her own dry ones to moisten them. When she looked into his eyes, his nostrils were flared as if he was smelling her and his eyes were glazed with heat. He stopped when his mouth was only inches away from hers and shivered when his fresh-smelling breath wafted over her lips. She shivered as she waited for what seemed like an interminable length of time for him to kiss her and when he didn’t move, she glanced up to meet his gaze once more.

Still he didn’t move and she couldn’t stand it anymore. As if she were moving in slow motion, Jenna reached up, held his face between her hands, and then brought his mouth down to hers.

Yes,” Dallas breathed against her lips and then she was lost.

Jenna lost herself in a world of sensation as Dallas kissed her long and deeply. His tongue glided along hers, ran over her teeth and even between her teeth and lips, before coming back to tangle with her tongue again.

She moaned when his hand slipped beneath the hem of her T-shirt and arched up into his touch when he caressed the skin of her lower belly, all the while kissing her hungrily. She sank into him, her body no longer her own as she lost herself in his touch. Jenna tensed when his hand began to move up over her skin, but it wasn’t with rejection but anticipation. Her nipples pebbled and her breasts ached and she couldn’t help but thrust her chest up in silent demand.

And then his hand was there, covering her lace-clad breast, enveloping her globe, and then he began to knead her flesh. She felt him moving and then her back was against the cushions of the sofa and his upper body was between her legs, all the while still kissing her.

She arched her hips up and cried out into his mouth when her drenched pussy came in contact with his body, and she couldn’t help but begin to rub her mound against him. She was so needy, the ache deep inside her grew with every glide of his tongue and every touch from his hand. His fingers flicked the front clasp of her bra open and then his fingers were plucking at first one nipple and then the other.

Moisture wept from her pussy and she gasped in great gulps of air when Dallas finally slowed the kiss and lifted his head to stare down at her.

God, you’re sexy. Take what you need, honey.” Dallas shifted and applied more pressure between her legs. He pushed her shirt up and then latched onto one of her nipples while squeezing the other between his thumb and finger.

The hunger and fire licking inside her grew and grew until her womb started aching from the continuous stream of juices leaking from her pussy. The seam of her jeans rubbed against her crotch with every slide and undulation of her hips and she was on the edge of something so big it almost frightened her. Her eyes flew open and her mouth opened on a silent scream.

Dallas sucked her nipple firmly and then he lightly bit down on the tip. That was all it took to send her over into rapture. Her breath left her mouth in a rush as she cried out as she climaxed. Her pussy clenched hard and gushed cream onto her panties. Her body shivered and quaked. Her toes curled and molten lava consumed her in great rapturous waves.

It wasn’t until the last shudder waned that she realized she had closed her eyes. When she opened them, it was to see Dallas’s facial muscles tight with desire and a flush staining his cheeks.

A noise to her right drew her gaze and when she looked up over the back of the sofa, it was to see Des and Dach watching her with a yearning gaze.

That was so fucking sexy, sweetie. I love seeing you come.” Des adjusted his stance and she followed his hand when he reached down to his crotch. He shifted his hard penis away from the zipper of his jeans and when she caught sight of his massive proportions, she unconsciously licked her lips and glanced over at Dach’s crotch.

They were huge and she wanted to know what it would be like to make love to them all, but since she’d never had sex before, she was a little nervous. Still, there was no way in hell she was walking away. Not after the way they had taken such good care of her and because she was beginning to care for them very much.

In Passion not all is as it seems. When trouble comes to Passion, the ladies are well protected. Can romance be far away?

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