Passion, Victoria 10 - Jenna's Destiny - By Becca Van

Jenna Reason has just lost her sister in a car accident. She is overcome with grief, and she has to be the one to tell her brother.
Dach, Dallas, and Desmond King are elite SAS training officers and are immediately drawn to the upset woman. When they hear her tell their trainee soldier, her brother, Jeff, about the death of their sister, they vow to help the siblings through their time of mourning. The three men wait until Jenna is on the mend from her sorrow and begin courting her.
But when it is revealed that the deceased sister, Joan’s, accident wasn’t an accident at all, they need to find out who killed her. One perpetrator is arrested but the other one is still at large and no one knows who they’re looking for. Will they able to find the murderer before he gets to Jenna? Or will the King men lose the love of their life?

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