Passion, Victoria 1 - The Beginning - By Becca Van

Simone Angel is in dire straits as she has been retrenched from her previous employment. She is perusing the classifieds section of the newspaper, and her eyes are drawn to an opportunity too good to refuse. She calls to set up and interview.
Simone meets Samson Ramsey for her interview and is hired immediately for the position of cook and housekeeper and is to move to the Triple R Ranch three hours north of Melbourne the very next day.
Simone is drawn to the three Ramsey brothers and enjoys cooking for them, but when she is seduced by the three brothers, Samson, Connor, and Griffith, and word begins to spread throughout the town of Passion, Victoria of the ménage relationship, the media invade the town.
Simone has to fight the whole town for the men she loves. Will she conquer the town folk, or will she be sent packing?

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