Morris was so entranced with Tams body, he didn’t know where to start—well, he did, but he needed to make sure he took his time with her since he wanted to make sure she was as hot and needy as he was. She took his breath away with her slim svelteness, and yet she had curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren’t overly large, but they weren’t small, either. In his mind, they were fucking perfect just like the rest of her. Her legs were long and toned and seemed to go on forever, but it was her pussy that caught his attention. The golden curls on her mound were trimmed short, and he could see drops of creamy dew clinging to them and her cunt lips. He couldn’t wait to have a taste, but first, he wanted, needed to map all those curves. Sucking a deep breath as he tried to curb his hunger, he caressed up the outside of her thighs, avoiding the bandages, over her hips in at her small waist, and toward her chest. Since Jersey and Wallace were suckling on her nipples, he smoothed his hands back down and over her flat silky soft belly. When she shifted her legs restlessly and spread them wider, and he saw her pussy clench, he couldn’t wait another second.

Dropping down onto his belly, he wrapped his arms around her legs, parted her cunt lips with his thumbs, and licked her from bottom to top. Her moan of pleasure was music to his ears, so he did it again and again. On the fourth pass, he swiped his tongue over her clit, loving the way her legs trembled in his arms as she jolted. Her sweet cream tasted like pure ambrosia, and the need to have her coming in his mouth was too strong to ignore. Morris swirled his tongue around the engorged sensitive nub as he rimmed her pussy entrance with a finger. He dipped the tip of his digit into her creamy well, groaning when she clenched around him.

He lapped through her folds, twirled his tongue around her clit, and pushed his finger into her cunt deeper. When she started rocking her hips, trying to get more of him inside her pussy, he started pumping it in and out until he was inside of her all the way. He continued caressing the walls of her cunt as he thrust his finger, stroking her insides as he got her used to his carnal intrusion. When she stopped clinching on him, he withdrew, and when he entered her again, he did so with two fingers.

She was so fucking tight and wet, but he wanted her wetter. Morris wanted her juices dripping from his hand as she screamed his name, and the only way he was going to get what he wanted was to up the ante.

Morris buried his face between her legs and set about making her come.

He flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit, twisted his fingers in her pussy until his palm was facing up, and drove them back into her. She whimpered and panted as he shunted his fingers into and out of her cunt. On the next stroke and using the pads of his fingers, he sought out her G-spot. To his delight, it was swollen and easy to find. Each time he speared his digits back into her, he made sure to caress over that hot spot again and again. He thrust his fingers into her faster, harder, and deeper while lapping the flat of his tongue over her clit.

She whimpered and gasped as he fingerfucked her, making sure to hit all the right spots each time he pumped back into her. Her legs jolted and trembled as tension invaded her muscles. Her walls clenched around and rippled along his digits. Her breathing was fast and choppy and constant moans emitted from her mouth. Morris upped the ante again, gliding his fingers quickly in and out of her cunt.

She sucked in a deep breath, and then she stopped breathing altogether. The air backed up in her lungs exploded out as she tipped over the edge with a scream. “Morris!”

His cock throbbed and twitched as he savored hearing his name on her lips as she came. He caged her pulsing clit between his teeth, flickering his tongue over the sensitive distended pearl of nerves, making sure to wring every ounce of pleasure out of her as she orgasmed.

Cream wept from her cunt, pooling into the cup of his palm and coating his fingers, but he continued lavishing her clit with strokes of his tongue until finally she sank further into the mattress as the nirvana waned.

Knowing she’d be hyper-sensitive after coming so hard, he gently eased his fingers from her pussy, brought his hand up to his mouth, and drank down her juices, licking his digits clean. He gave her pussy a final lap and sat up between her splayed thighs. She was so fucking stunning with her eyes closed and her face flushed with residual passion. Her breasts jiggled with the rapid rising and falling of her chest as she tried to catch her breath.

His wolf howled with pride at making their mate come. When he felt the tips of his fingers tingle and his gums ache as he fangs elongated, he closed his eyes and held his breath as he tried to get the blazing hunger searing at his insides to recede.

When he was sure he wasn’t about to shove his dick into her pussy, he opened his eyes and tried to keep his breaths even and regular. However, it wasn’t going to happen since his heart was racing and his cock was throbbing with need.

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