Pack Law 6 – Love Found

Pack Law 6 - Love Found - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Pack Law 6 – Love Found

Help me get her clothes off.”

Chevy moved in closer and reached for the hem of her shirt. Between the two of them they had her naked from the waist up in seconds, and then Tarkyn slipped the button from her jeans and lowered the zipper. Rylan lifted her hips and Chevy helped him tug her jeans and panties down her legs then quickly removed her shoes and socks when her pants caught around her ankles and drew them the rest of the way off.

Rylan inhaled raggedly at the same time Chevy moaned. Although they suspected their beautiful mate was a virgin, she had either waxed or shaved all the pubic hair from her mound. Cream glistened on the puffy lips of her labia, and her musky scent permeated the air more strongly now that she was naked. Her breasts were much fuller than he had suspected and were topped with dusky-rose areolas and hard nipples. He had large hands, and she would overflow them.

Alyson whimpered when Rylan cupped those puppies in his hands and then pulled her nipples out from her body. Tarkyn had to taste the sweet honey dripping from her pussy right now. He knelt down again and wrapped his arms around each of her thighs and pulled her forward, away from his brother’s crotch. When he had her right where he wanted her and knew he wouldn’t touch his brother, Tarkyn slid his hands under her body and gripped her ass. Her muscles clenched as he massaged her muscularly taut but fleshy cheeks, separating them and stretching her hole as he lowered his head.

He breathed in deeply, used his thumbs to spread her labial lips even more, and then licked from her pussy hole up to her protruding pink nub. She tasted sweet and spicy all rolled into one, and he was determined to lap up every single delicious drop her body produced. Tarkyn opened his mouth wide and licked up through her folds like a cat would lap up cream, but instead of taking short little laps, he took long, slow licks. Reaching further around her thigh with his right arm, he rimmed the entrance to her sheath with a finger. She squirmed, moaned, and thrust her hips up into his mouth.

Tarkyn began to penetrate her and slowly slid his finger into her warm, wet body. She was so tight he knew that once he got his cock inside her, he would have to use every ounce of his control to hold back an orgasm to make certain Alyson would reach climax first. But that was for a little later. Right now he wanted to send her to the stars.

As he eased his finger into her pussy up to the first knuckle, her inner walls clenched and tried to pull him in, but since he and his brothers suspected she was an innocent he was going to take his time and make sure this was as pleasurable as possible for his mate. He withdrew his finger slightly and then pushed in farther while laving her clit with the tip of his tongue. Every time he caressed that engorged bundle of nerves, the muscles in her legs and lower abdomen quivered. Tarkyn wondered if she would go wild when in the throes of climax.

He looked up when Chevy leaned down and kissed Alyson. Tarkyn groaned against her flesh when he saw the open mouthed kiss she shared with his brother. Glimpses of her tongue tangling with Chevy’s had Tarkyn’s cock pulsing against the closed teeth of his fly. Alyson’s sob was muffled by Chevy’s kiss as Rylan rolled her nipples and Tarkyn thrust his finger into her until he could reach no farther.

Her internal muscles clenched around his embedded digit, and when they released again, she covered his flesh with another gush of fresh cream. Tarkyn wanted to hear her climax. He wondered if she would continue to make those little whimpering, sobbing mewls or if she would scream the house down. He hoped it was the latter, because he wanted her so wrapped up in her pleasure that she finally let go and let her body take over. Their little mate had learned to be too cautious, and he wanted to know they had all of her trust.

Tarkyn pulled his finger out and then pumped two fingers back into her tight, pretty little cunt. He spread his digits as he removed them until the tips were just inside, and as he slid them back in, he searched for that sweet spot inside that all women had. When he found it, Alyson cried out and bucked so hard she nearly threw him off of her.

Hold her down. I’m going to make her come,” Tarkyn ordered his brothers through their mind link.

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