Pack Law 5 – Vegetarian Mate

Pack Law 5 - Vegetarian Mate - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Pack Law 5 – Vegetarian Mate

Rochelle Murphy is looking for adventure and takes to the road. In desperate need of a bathroom, she stops at a large estate and asks to use the facilities.

After an unconventional and humorous meeting, Jarrod, Malcolm, and Braxton Friess know that the feisty, klutzy Rochelle is their mate—and a vegetarian.

Time and again Rochelle injures herself, and whilst she is recuperating, the three Friess brothers try to woo her into their hearts as well as their beds. Finally Rochelle accepts the three brothers, but they have unintentionally left out a significant fact, which sends Rochelle looking for some time out, just as danger arrives in Aztec, New Mexico.

Will Rochelle be so repulsed she can’t face them again?

Will the three Friess brothers be able to find their mate before it is too late? Or will the lone wolf get to her first?


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