Pack Law 4 – Werewolf Mates

Pack Law 4 - Werewolf Mates - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Pack Law 4 – Werewolf Mates

Picking up his pace, he followed her to the bathroom door and dropped her bags to the floor. There she was, standing uncertainly, her face flushed and clean from her bath, wrapped in his robe. Inhaling, he growled when her scent mixed with his assailed his olfactory senses. As if in a dream he reached out and snagged her around the waist and drew her up against his body. Her waist was so tiny he thought he may be able to wrap her with his arm.

She tilted her neck, and he could tell by the angle she would end up hurting her muscles, so he pulled his arm free and grasped her hips in both his hands. He cursed the fact that he could feel her hip bones jutting into his flesh even through the bulk of his robe. He lifted her until she was on eye level with him and dropped his gaze to her lush lips, hankering for a taste. Placing her hands on his shoulders to steady herself, she licked those cupid bows and glanced up again.

What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly.

Knowing damn well she knew what he wanted, he didn’t answer. Instead he slowly lowered his head until their lips were a scant inch apart. When she didn’t protest but lowered her eyes to his lips, he groaned and moved forward until their lips met.

Not moving for a brief moment, Chet savored the first contact of her mouth to his, then, growling, he brushed his flesh over hers in soft, slow passes so she could become acquainted with his touch. Again, when she didn’t protest or pull away, he deepened the kiss.

He opened his mouth and licked her lips with his tongue. Her soft moan made his balls ache and his cock throb. Pushing his way into her mouth, he tasted every inch of her sweetness. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, which only made it harder for him to control his wolf and his raging desire. Her warm, wet pussy was now against his crotch with only the material of his jeans as a barricade, and the heat of her seared his cock. She whimpered into his mouth as he moved his hand from her ribs down under the robe to her ass. Kneading her fleshy globes, he thrust his cock against her wet, fragrant pussy as their mouths stayed connected and their tongues fought for supremacy.

The sweet aroma of her desire called to him and his wolf. He had never smelled anything so delectable in his life. Wrapping his tongue around hers, he drew it into his mouth and suckled on her like he imagined her doing to his cock, making his wolf howl. Moving a couple of steps, he planted her back against the wall in the hall and pinned her with his body. Easing an arm beneath her ass, he slowly untied the robe, spreading the material aside so he had access to her naked flesh. Growling into her mouth when she withdrew her tongue and finally her mouth from his, he rested his forehead against hers and opened his eyes and nearly came in his pants.

Her irises were nearly hidden by her largely dilated pupils and were glazed over with lust. Following the pink in her cheeks he looked down her neck and chest. She was absolutely exquisite. He knew she would be, but his imagination hadn’t done her justice. Hard brown-and-rosy nipples stood out on her breasts, which were creamy white, the delicate blue veins visible under her skin, and her mounds were a delectable handful.

Chet moved his hand up and cupped her warm, soft flesh, groaning with delighted arousal as her turgid peak stabbed into the palm of his hand. His mouth salivating for a taste, he kneaded her breast and slowly lowered his head. Her citrusy scent wrapped around him, and he opened his mouth, sucking the hard tip in between his lips, and he knew in that moment that one taste of his mate would never be enough.

He let her flesh go, moving his hand away, but kept suckling on her sensitive nub and smoothed his hand down over her belly. She bucked her hips into his and mewled when he thrust his forward. His jeans were becoming damp from the juices leaking out of her cunt, and he needed to feel her slick heat against his fingers. Moving his palm down over her stomach, he caressed his way around her thigh, touching her soft, wet labia with the tips of his fingers. She was so hot and wet and her scent was calling so strongly to his wolf, he could barely restrain his animal from taking over and claiming her right then and there.

Knowing he had to get control, he threw his head back, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply. His wolf was on the precipice of taking over. He felt claws erupt on the hand under her ass and quickly withdrew his fingers from against her wet pussy. He looked down. Seeing her eyes widen with shock, he knew his eyes had changed to gold. Releasing her, he let her slide down his body, and when she was steady on her feet, he stepped back and turned away as she clutched the gaping robe.

What the hell are you?” she whispered through ragged pants for air.

Sam,” he growled. “Go to your room, darlin’, and lock the door.”

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