Pack Law 3 – Mate For Three

Pack Law 3 - Mate For Three - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Pack Law 3 – Mate For Three

Chris withdrew his mouth and hands from her body. He couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted, needed to feel her wet warmth envelop him. He moved up between her thighs, waited until she looked at him, and then began to push his hard cock into her cunt. He held her hips firmly as she tried to impale herself on his dick, but made sure not to hurt her. He eased his way into her sheath with slow, short digs, until he was buried balls-deep.

Are you okay, darlin’?” Chris asked as he held still.

Yes. Please, Chris.”

Please what, Talia?”

Please move,” Talia whimpered.

Okay, darlin’. I’ll give you what you need,” Chris rasped out.

He began to move then. He thrust his hips slowly, forging his way in and out of her body. He had never felt anything that even compared to making love with his mate. He was in bliss as his cock slid in and out of her wet cunt. He could feel every ripple and flutter of her internal muscles and knew he would never be able to get enough of her. He was aware of James and Blayk lying on either side of Talia as they kissed her and played with her nipples, but he concentrated on giving his mate pleasure.

You feel so good, darlin’. Your pretty little cunt is so hot and wet and tight. I love making you feel good, Talia. Your eyes get glazed when we pleasure you. Your skin is so soft and sweet. I love the taste of your cunt. I could spend hours eating out that pretty little pussy,” Chris said on a groan as he thrust his hips forward. “Does that feel good, darlin’?”

Yes,” Talia replied and then sobbed out her pleasure. “I need more.”

More what, baby?” Blayk asked.

I want all of you. I need you to love me at the same time,” Talia cried out with desperation.

Are you sure, sugar?” James asked. “We don’t want to hurt you after this morning.”

I’m fine. I need all of you.”

Chris stopped pumping his hips and pulled Talia up onto his lap. He moved to the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, and lifted her up off his cock. He turned her around so her back was to his front. He placed her legs over his and spread his thighs wide, giving James access to Talia’s pussy. He watched his brother lean over and kiss their mate, and then he stood up, bent his knees, and began to penetrate Talia’s sheath. Chris moved out of the way when James lifted Talia into his arms. His brother lay down on the bed on his back, taking Talia with him so she was lying on top of James.

Chris moved up behind Talia after he grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside, and he kissed along her spine as he began to massage the cool gel into her anus while James held her ass cheeks open. He was careful and gentle with her as he penetrated her canal, stretching her muscles out in preparation for him to fuck her ass. When he was satisfied that her ass was relaxed and loose he began to push his cock into her anus. He groaned as the ring of muscles clamped down on his erection. She was so hot and tight, and he was in danger of climaxing too soon. He sighed when he felt Talia push back against him, easing the tightness around his rod, and he was able to surge forward gently until his balls were flush against her skin. He held still, giving her time to get used to being so full of cock.

Are you okay, baby?” Blayk asked.

Yes,” Talia moaned.

Will you suck on my cock, Talia? I need to feel that sweet mouth of yours wrapped around me.” Blayk groaned.

Chris didn’t hear Talia answer, but he saw her reach out and wrap her hand around Blayk’s dick, and then she took his cock into her mouth. Chris had never seen a sexier sight. He couldn’t hold still any longer. He began to move his hips backward and forward, making love to his mate. He loved the sensations of her flesh sliding along the length of his shaft. He moved in countermotion with James as they began to love their woman in earnest.

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