“You are so fucking gorgeous.” Rich pressed his lips to hers for a moment, sat up beside her, and glared at his brother.

Since Huw was staring at Stormy, he didn’t see or didn’t care to take any notice of him, but Rich was impatient to make her his. He scooted down the bed and shoved at Huw’s shoulder so hard, his brother toppled off the bottom of the mattress. Though he knew he hadn’t hurt his brother, he felt the need to apologize when he heard Stormy gasp.

“Sorry,” he said as he got up onto his knees, lifting one leg between her still splayed thighs and then the other until he was between hers. He eyed her sexy body over and stopped to stare at her bare pussy. He loved that she waxed or whatever she did to keep the pubes off her sex. She’d be so much more sensitive to every touch, every lick of his tongue. While he wanted to get his mouth on her, he wanted inside of her and to claim her more, but first he needed to make sure she was ready for him.

He breached her creamy cunt with the tip of his finger and groaned when she clamped down around him, covering his digit in more of her sweet honey. His hard cock twitched and bobbed, sending another spurt of precum to dampen his boxers.

He couldn’t stand not being inside of her for another second, so he gripped the waistband of his boxer shorts, yanking on them so hard they ripped apart. Sighing with relief that his dick was no longer constrained, he used both hands to tug the remnants of his underwear until they came free from his body and he tossed them aside.

Rich grasped the base of his cock and rubbed the head up through her folds, coating his shaft in her natural lubrication. “Are you ready for me, baby?” he asked, clamping his jaw tight when his voice came out sounding hoarse as he tried to get his hunger back under control.

“Yes.” She licked her lips. “Please?”

Rich nodded, notched the head of his dick to her cunt, then started to push into her. She bent her knees, spreading her legs farther apart, and clutched at his wrists. He hadn’t even noticed he was now holding onto her hips as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her cunt, forging his way into her hot, slick pussy.

“Oh, you feel so good,” she moaned, her nails digging into his flesh.

He nodded in agreement as he rocked into and out of her until finally, he was embedded to the hilt. “You okay?” he panted.

“Yes. Give it to me, Rich. Don’t you dare fucking hold back. I want everything you have to give me.”

His wolf threw his muzzle up toward the ceiling and howled with joy. He would have joined in but having her tight cunt enveloping his aching dick had left him mute. He’d never felt anything as amazing as this. She was so fucking tight, hot, and wet. He just hoped he didn’t lose his wad before she climaxed again.

Rich glanced at each of his brothers, who were both tending to her breasts and nipples. “Move!” he ordered them telepathically, and as soon as they’d rolled away, he fell forward, catching himself on his hands and hovering over her. Bending his elbows, he lowered himself down until his body was pressed into hers from chest to knees, but he kept his weight braced so he wouldn’t crush her.

She smoothed her palms over his shoulders, down his chest, back up his arms, and over his back. Rich swooped down and captured her lips with his just as he began to move. He withdrew to the tip then drove back into her hard and fast.

“Yes!” She moaned. “Like that. More!”

Rich broke free of the leash he’d been holding, retreating then shoving back into her. He gasped in a breath and scraped his teeth down her neck.

She moved with him, arching her hips up toward him each time he surged down and into her. The wet frictional glide of her fist-tight walls around and along his cock was so sublime he felt his eyes roll back into his head. Each time he thrust in and out of her hot cunt, he sped up until they were slamming together. Their flesh made slapping sounds each time he speared his dick into her pussy, and her moans were music to his ears.

When he felt the heated tingles starting up at the base of his spine, he increased the pace of his pumping hips even more while lapping his way down to her chest. He laved one turgid peak with his tongue, growling when her inner walls rippled around and along his cock. Switching to her other breast, he lashed the sensitive nub, drew it into his mouth, and suckled strongly.

“Oh, oh, oh.” Stormy rolled her head back and forth on the pillow.

Liquid desire pooled in his belly and the heat low in his back began to move. This time when he pierced her with his cock he twisted his hips and was rewarded with another moan from his woman.

He released her nipple, pushed back up onto his knees, hooked her legs over his arms, then hammered in and out of her.

Pack Law 10: Golden Opportunity

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