Pack Law 10: Golden Opportunity

Stormy Kinley runs from New York barely escaping with her life after hearing a murder. Her boss and the owner of the renowned five-star restaurant Sticks and Stones was shot and killed while she’d been working in the kitchen trying to perfect a recipe after hours.

Rich, Huw and Zac Stone smell their mate as soon as they enter the diner but since they can’t see her, they hang around outside until closing. The triplet brothers are in awe when they set eyes on their beautiful, African American mate and are determined to court her.

Even though she tries to keep her distance, the animal magnetism the three brothers exude is too powerful to ignore and when the mating heat kicks in, she can’t resist them for long.

Just when everyone’s happy, Stormy’s recent past collides with her new life.

She’s gone missing from the diner and no one knows where she is.

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