My Island Holiday, A Special Memory In The Whitsundays.

I would like to share with you all my island holiday.

Turtles at Long Island My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We repeated our honeymoon and returned to Long Island Resort in the Whitsunday Islands, in Queensland, Australia . Today it is called Breakfree Long Island Resort and we had an amazing time.

Breakfree Long Island Resort is just one of three small resorts on Long Island, just off the coast of Queensland. Many other resorts are located in the area within the Whitsunday Island group. Best of all was, Long Island Resort was not commercialised like the larger island resorts, which made for a very relaxing stay.

We visited Hamilton Island, a very special island metropolis in a tropical setting. Fully catered for the visitor that didn’t want to leave any of the conveniences or luxuries at home. We also stopped at Day Dream Island and had a walk around. This appears to be fully equipped to cater for the young family. Lots of water related parks, some shopping, coffee shops and restaurant, just one of several we had seen on Day Dream.

While we were within the Whitsunday’s we also enjoyed some off island adventures, going snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and Ocean Rafting to secluded reef snorkelling spots on rout to Whitehaven Beach. I have to say that the Whitehaven BeachWhitsunday Islands have a special draw for us and its beauty and treasures are amazing.

Back on Breakfree Long Island Resort, organised events were kept very friendly and intimate, the staff would join us at the bar when they were off duty and just enjoyed their time there, just as we did. This place was just so peaceful and friendly, just what the “doctor ordered”.

The greatest commendation I can give is to the people who work within the tourism industry on and around the Whitsunday Islands. They come from all over the globe, and truly appeared to want to be there, and help you to enjoy your stay. I also have to say the best thing about our stay at Breakfree Long Island Resort, were the amazing staff we met and befriended. These people were the most friendly and courteous people I have ever met. Although I may never see them again, they will always be in my memories. Everyone we had dealings with were fantastic, from the resort operations manager Rebecca, Scott the restaurant manager, Sophie V., Connor, Seanie B, Jass, Karlee Hayes, as well as those we just didn’t get to know by name.

Karlee is getting a special mention here. Karlee Hayes is a university student, and was doing part of her hospitality practical course at Breakfree Long Island. She has the most inviting and friendly personality, a true pleasure to meet. We were advised that Karlee had a very good singing voice and to be sure to check her out.

One of the nights an entertainer had come onto the island to perform for those sitting at the pool bar, Keiran was very good even though I cannot remember his last name, (my bad). After he had completed his set he asked if Karlee would come up and sing a few songs, as he had done several times before.

Karlee came onto the stage and strapped on the guitar and totally floored us with her “secret talent”. She is an amazing singer / songwriter, with a beautiful unique, mesmerising sound. Karlee has the most amazing voice which sent and still sends shivers down my spine and goose-bumps pebbling over my flesh. How this young woman hasn’t been discovered and isn’t already topping the charts I will never understand. Her voice is unique and mesmerising and so beautiful, I was totally spellbound and left with tears in my eyes.

Karlee Hayes can be found on FaceBook under the page of Karlee Hayes Music. If you get the chance take a look and listen to the song she sings and actually wrote herself. Please look at her page and like it. We need more of our talented people to be discovered and honoured for how outstanding they are.

As you can tell I have enjoyed my holiday, and am feeling fresh and revitalised. Now I need to refocus and return to work. This could be harder than I thought…..

Long Island Sunset


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