Landscaping Done🏡 – Ready For Sale

Rambling On… 14 August 2020.



Sorry I haven’t written any newsletters the last two weeks, but life has been too busy for both my husband and I. My man has been so busy he’s been too exhausted by the end of the week and falling asleep on the sofa I haven’t had the heart to wake him up to do all his magic to post the newsletter.

However, I can tell you that my son’s block has nearly been completed with the landscaping.


A week ago, my son and my man finished the bulk of the work on Saturday and I have to say it looks great.


Although I said that I wouldn’t be helping, I did. I helped move 10 cubic metres of dirt as well as shovel, wheelbarrow and rake out 4.5 cubic metres of Tuscany stones for paving etc and I only did a little bit and worked for three days, resting regularly. My man and my son worked for six days straight, digging, putting in retaining walls, putting up fences and moving dirt as well as stones.

Last Saturday, all three of us went to a nursery to get some plants then we headed to my son’s place and started digging.

I have to say that having some plants with a bit of colour helped to brighten up the place.





My son also decided he wanted to have a bit of grass too as contrast and I have to say after seeing the colour scheme that he’s right, there needs to be more greenery.

So, he ordered some turf and this Saturday after it is delivered, my man and son maybe even myself will be rolling out the already grown grass.