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So, as you all probably know my man is the person who does the vacuuming in our home since I have hip and back problems. If I vacuum, I usually end up in pain for a few days and have trouble moving about.

Of course, I do the chore if necessary and just suck it up. I do clean the bathrooms as well as the laundry, the cooking, dusting and the dishes. My hubby lends a hand with some of those jobs, too.

I almost always feel guilty asking my hubby to do the vacuuming and have been researching robot vacuum cleaners for nearly twelve months. My brother-in-law has the Roomba and swears by it.

Hubby helped with the information gathering and found a video on YouTube showing which machines were the best. The suggestions for the top two were the Neato and the RoboRock. I was quite shocked at the price of the vacuum cleaners and couldn’t see the sense spending that much money when we already have a good ducted vacuum cleaner unit.

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That didn’t mean I didn’t keep searching the web.
I found a company in Australia who sold refurbished robot vacuums and just recently purchased a Neato for less than half the asking price of a new unit. We’ve had it for three days and after a few shaky starts as it mapped out the house, I have to say I’m impressed.

Each day at 10 am. the vacuum fires up and gets to work. The first day it took two hours to navigate and clean half the house before the battery got low and it headed back to its docking station to recharge. Like magic, the thing just restarted and continued from where it had left off to complete the task, finishing the whole house.

The second day was the same with a few more hiccups where it got stuck a couple of times.

Today, however, there were no glitches. It moved about my house with ease avoiding furniture in its path as it sucked up Toby’s fur and other crumbs on the floor. It took an hour and a half to clean areas of the house I wanted it to.

I don’t allow it into the kids’ rooms (my adult son’s and his fiancée’s) bathroom, their bedroom or their living room, because there isn’t enough room since they have so much junk strewn about. I avoid going in there, too. What you don’t see and know about won’t hurt you. Right? Well, I try to convince myself of that.

The rugs in my living room and study will need to be vacuumed again since not all of Toby’s fur was sucked up, but at least it isn’t as bad as it usually is.

Although I love Toby dearly, I hate that he sheds all the time. It doesn’t matter how many times we wash and brush him; he’s always dropping fur. Just a shake of his body and a cloud floats out around him. Nevertheless, I can’t bring myself to put him outside either, since he’s so old and frail.

Hence the robot vacuum cleaner. My floors are now cleaned every day instead of once or twice a week and I’m not relying on my man to do it.

It’s a win win all around and we’re both happy.

I think I love the slightly noisy fairy that whisks around my house getting rid of most of Toby’s fur.

What Have I Been Writing?

I’m still writing Slick Rock 26 and had hoped I would finish the book today so I could get an early start on Septembers book since I’m taking the next month off.

Though I’ve managed to get my quota of 5000 words down, I was interrupted by my neighbour for an hour.

I might still go back to work after I’ve finished writing this newsletter or maybe I’ll give it away for the day and work tomorrow, Saturday, instead. I’m still undecided.

bv dangermayhem ap

Alpha Province:
Danger and Mayhem

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo.

Released July 23.

25 Becca Van Love and Light SR25 Cover

Slick Rock 25:
 Love and Light

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Released August 19

9781642439120 Becca Van Playing to Win SR24 Cover Print

Slick Rock 24:
      Playing to Win

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Release date July 22

What Have I Been Reading?


I’ve just finished reading Uncharted, (Treasure Hunter Security Book 2) by Anna Hackett. This was a great book.

I loved reading about Callum Ward and Dani Navarro as they tried to avoid as well as fought the enemy in the jungle while searching for a lost temple and an ancient, priceless, powerful artefact.

This second story in the Treasure Hunter Security series kept me engrossed from the first page to the last.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

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