Highland Warrior Woman

Highland Warrior Woman - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Highland Warrior Woman

Ye are such a passionate little lass,” Calum panted. “We want to see all of yer fire, Maeghan. Donnae hold back with us, sweetling.”

Maeghan was lifted onto her back on a spread plaid. Calum and Hamish lay at her side and Ewan was down near her feet. She should have felt shame for being naked in their presence, but she did not. She wanted their hands and mouths on her body, teaching her what pleasures could be theirs.

When hands began stroking her shins, she looked down into Ewan’s hazel eyes and caught her breath. He was staring at her pussy and working his hands up closer and closer to the apex of her thighs. With slow deliberation, Ewan slid his hands in between her legs, just above her knees, and gently spread them open.

Och, ye are soaking wet, aren’t ye, dearling. I have to have a wee taste of yer honey.”

Ewan moved so that his shoulders kept her thighs splayed and then lowered his head. He licked up and down her slit, growling as he collected her cream on his tongue. He lapped, sucked, and licked until she felt like she was burning alive. His tongue flicked over her clit, and then he was pushing a finger into her body. Hamish and Calum each leaned over and took a turgid nipple into their mouths.

Maeghan whimpered and arched up, trying to get more pleasure from their touch. Her body was leaking its juices, but it seemed to please Ewan.

Ye taste so good, Maeghan. I want more of yer honey, dearling.”

When he lowered his head again and lashed his tongue over her sensitive nub, she mewled and bucked, wanting, no, needing more but not knowing what she craved.

Oh God.”

Calum released her nipple with a pop and licked his way up over her chest and neck to her ear. “That’s it, sweetheart. Donnae fight the pleasure, give in to it.”

Ewan pushed a finger into her pussy, gaining depth with each thrust until she felt a slight pinch. He eased back and pumped in again and again, all the while licking up and down her dew-coated folds and over her clit. The muscles beneath her flesh became tighter and tighter. Her womb became a heavy ache and her cunt began to feel as if it was trying to grasp his finger.

Then all of a sudden the tension snapped. She gasped and yelled on an exhalation, and her pussy contracted as waves of ecstatic bliss wracked her body. The muscles in her vagina clenched and released, grabbed and let go, and cream expelled from her body in a great gush as she flew to heaven. Ewan growled and slurped up her juices, her whole body trembling and shuddering with euphoria until finally the last pulse waned, leaving her satiated and lax while she panted heavily.

Ye taste like a mixture of honey and salt, dearling,” Ewan rumbled out in a deep voice after he lifted his head from her sex.

Maeghan looked down to see her cream glistening on his chin and mouth. Her sated body trembled with renewed desire, and she groaned then flopped back down, her head bumping on the ground. Hands brushed over her arms, torso, and breasts, stirring the embers of the fire once more.

Get on yer hands and knees, sweetness,” Calum commanded with a rasp.

The hands that had been soothing her now gripped and grasped, helping her to do as bid. When she was in the position Calum wanted, she lifted her head again and shivered with excitement when his penis brushed across her cheek.

Lick my cock, Maeghan. I need to feel that sweet mouth sucking me.”

Maeghan spied the clear drop of fluid in the small slit at the top of his penis and wondered if she would like the taste. Sliding her tongue out from between her lips, she swirled it around the bulbous head and then pushed the tip into the small opening. His growl of approval coincided with her moan, and she felt a wave of power wash over her. She’d had no idea that she could give pleasure as well as receive it.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and then slid her lips down over the crown. Calum gripped her hair and tugged slightly. That little bite of pain shifted her desire up another notch.

Fuck, sweetness. Yer mouth is amazing,” Calum rumbled. “Slide yer lips up and down my cock.”

Maeghan sank down over him as far as she could, and as she pulled back up, she hollowed out her cheeks and sucked hard.

Ye look so bloody good with Calum’s cock in yer mouth, dearling.” Ewan’s voice came from behind her. “Now, donnae ye be getting scared, Maeghan, but I’m going to come on yer ass and then play with it. Ye need to be stretched oot so ye can take us all in that sweet body of yers.”

Maeghan had no notion of what Ewan was talking about, but she was too busy to care. She explored Calum’s cock with her tongue, paying particular attention to the underside when he groaned out loud. Then he began guiding her head up and down his erection by the hand in her hair and she followed his directions willingly.

Ewan roared, and she flinched when thick, warm liquid landed on her buttocks and anus. She would have pulled off to look at him over her shoulder if Calum had released his hold on her hair. But he didn’t, so she concentrated on giving him pleasure.

See if ye can take me in farther, sweetness,” he panted. 

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