Highland Warrior Loving by Becca Van

Lauren Graham has tried everything she can to fit into the MacTavish clan, but everywhere she turns she’s shunned. When she finds out her friend, Maeghan Fraser, has been given to the Campbell Laird and his brothers to wed, she’s furious. She interrupts a council meeting to voice her anger to her laird, Alec MacTavish, without care of the consequences.
Alec sees the fire in Lauren’s eyes as she rails at him, and he knows she is the woman for him. What he doesn’t realise is that his two commanders, Conall McKenzie and Lachlan O’Donnell, have loved her for a long time. They’d just been waiting for the lass to mature and for their friend, and Laird, to comprehend he loved her, too.
Lauren decides to leave MacTavish land and head to the Campbell keep, but there is danger in the forest, as well as from within the clan she has called home for the past seven years. Everything goes awry when Lauren fathoms she isn’t a Graham at all. She’s one of the hateful Buchanans.

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