Hidden Dragons 2 – Dragon Mates

Hidden Dragons 2 – Dragon Mates. Niki is a strong woman, a respected sheriff’s deputy in a small town. All her training and experience will be for nought when she meets the three men who have been in her dreams. How could she have known of the hidden world of dragons and hunters.

The world of dragons has many dangers, now coming to the Niki’s front door. But how can she be safe when the hunters find out she is with the dragons; especially when one of the hunters is her boss…

Hidden Dragons 2 - Dragon MatesHer eyes wandered over each bit of flesh revealed to her and she swallowed audibly at the three sets of wide shoulders and brawny chests. And their arms. Their biceps were huge and bulged each time they moved. When all three of them tugged at their ripped jeans and dropped them on the floor all the saliva in her mouth evaporated as if she spent hour upon hour walking in the heat of a desert. Their thighs were as thick as her waist if not thicker but it was the huge bulges between their legs that gave her pause. Whether she made a sound or moved a certain way she couldn’t be sure but all three of them straightened up and looked at her. She was glad they still had on their form-fitting boxers because even though they left nothing to the imagination, Niki wasn’t sure she was ready to deal with the massive reality of her decision just yet.

“Don’t be scared of us, baby,” Randy said in a quiet low voice as he moved to the end of the bed and climbed on. “We promise to do everything we can so you don’t feel any pain.”

She swallowed and tried to dredge up some moisture in her dry mouth and then licked her lips. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Yes it is,” Rex said and he and Russ began to walk toward her, one each on both sides of the huge bed she was resting on.

She didn’t get to say anything else because as soon as Rex and Russ got onto the bed, Rex cupped her cheek turned her to face him and slanted his mouth over hers. From that moment on she was lost. Lost in a sea of sensation, lost in desire and need and yet she felt alive for the first time in her life.

Excitement, hunger and trepidation warred in her mind but she pushed her uncertainties aside and let herself drown in sensation. Rex’s lips were so soft and warm and when his tongue swiped over her lower lip she moaned and opened up to his unspoken question right away. He tasted so good and as her tongue danced and mated with his she felt like her bones and muscles were melting like an ice-cube left out in the sun.

When she felt warm fingers at her neck she didn’t think anything of it but when her bikini top she was wearing was pulled from her body she realized that Russ had untied the strings and removed it.

She whimpered when two large hot hands landed on her ankles and then slowly caressed their way up over her calves, knees and thighs. The fire burning inside grew to a blazing inferno and they hadn’t really touched her yet besides Rex kissing her.

Just as the hands on her legs got higher and higher another hand landed on her chest, just below her breast. Her pussy clenched, her clit throbbed and cream wept out.

When Rex broke the kiss she groaned with frustration but then she moaned as Russ cupped the breast closest to him. His palm and fingers molded her feminine globe and she arched her chest begging for more.

The tips of Randy’s fingers connected with the edge of her bikini bottoms and she gasped and pushed her hips up slightly trying to get him to touch her throbbing wet cunt. Her eyes flew open when she heard a soft deep chuckle and she opened eyes she hadn’t realized that she’d closed.

“You are so fucking sexy, love,” Rex whispered right before he cupped and lifted her other breast as he lowered his head.

She cried out when his tongue laved over the top of her nipple sending zings of pleasure shooting right down to her pussy. Her internal muscles clenched again and more juices leaked from her vagina.

“How does she taste?” Russ asked in a raspy voice.

Rex released her nipple with a pop and met her gaze. His brown eyes were glowing with lust and she shivered as if he’d singed her with that hungry look. “Like strawberries and cream.”

“I have to taste you too, darlin’,” Russ said in a growly voice right before his head dipped and his lips enveloped the other hard peak.

“Oh god,” she gasped and squeezed her eyes closed.

“Hmm,” Russ hummed as he drew her nipple and areola further into his mouth.

Rex swiped his tongue over her other nipple and then he too was suckling on the tip.

She couldn’t stay still any longer. They hunger was running rampant through her blood, through her veins and burning her from the inside.

“Do you like that, baby?” Randy rasped. “Do you like having both your nipples sucked at the same time?”

“Yes,” she moaned drawing the s out so it sounded like she was hissing.

“I can smell your sweet cream, baby. I have to have a taste of that delectable-smelling honey.” Randy’s fingers pulled on the sides of the bikini panties and then he tugged them out from beneath her. His hands caressed the inside of her thighs and then he pushed them wide apart.

If she hadn’t been so into them, so hungry for them, she would have been embarrassed at being so exposed but the only thing her mind could latch onto was having the ache, the fire burning deep inside extinguished.

When she heard a loud sniff she pried her heavy lids open and saw that Randy’s head was close to her cunt. His eyes were closed and he licked his lips like he was already tasting her.

And then he lowered his head the last inch separating his mouth from her pussy and gave one long slow lick from her ass to her clit. She moaned and then whimpered when his tongue flicked rapidly over her engorged pearl. The fire burning so hot was almost too much for her to handle and yet she ached for more.

Randy Rex and Russ have to not only keep Niki safe from hunters, they also need to gain her total trust if they are all to be together. Can these young dragons find a way to win over such a head strong woman?

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