Her Norland Warriors

Her Norland Warriors - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Her Norland Warriors

Dagr nudged his brothers out of the way, leaned down, and took Jess’s mouth with a passion so carnal even he was surprised by his own hunger. He wanted to crawl beneath her skin, stay buried in her wet pussy, and kiss her for the rest of his life. Only the need for air necessitated that he withdraw his mouth from his bond mate’s. Hakon’s voice in his head drew him back from the brink of his lost control.

Brother, Dagr, you have to get control of yourself. We all have to join with our bond mate for the bond to form properly. Pick her up into your lap so I can prepare her for my cock.”

Dagr sat on his knees between Jess’s thighs, slid his arms beneath her shoulders, and lifted her up into his arms. He pulled her into his embrace, cradling her against his chest, and moved his legs out straight and wide as he held her still, straddling his lap. His cock sliding in another inch made him and Jess groan together at the exquisite pleasure. With one arm wrapped around her waist, he used his free hand to tilt her face up to his and kissed her. Their tongues dueled as they devoured each other. He opened his eyes to see Hakon moving up behind their mate, a bottle of scented oil in his hand. He knew the moment Hakon began to lubricate Jess’s ass, because she flinched and gasped into his mouth, then pulled back from him. He held her tighter, not wanting her to inadvertently hurt herself by moving too much.

Shh, little girl, it will be all right. Just breathe and relax those muscles. I need to stretch you before I can fuck this pretty little ass,” Hakon rasped out.

What? Wait. You shouldn’t be doing that. It’s not right,” Jess panted out.

Does what I’m doing to you feel good, sweetheart?”

Y–Yes,” Jess replied nervously.

Then it can’t be wrong. For the bond to work properly, we all have to be joined with you at one time. Just keep breathing evenly and deeply, and try to relax your muscles, Jess. Just tell me if I hurt you, all right, sweetheart?”

O–Okay,” Jess squeaked out.

Look at me, baby. Keep your eyes on me,” Dagr commanded as he tilted her face up to his. He wanted to watch his mate’s face, to make sure she didn’t feel any unnecessary pain. He felt Hakon’s finger sliding into Jess’s ass, his brother’s penetration making her sheath tighter. He must have had more than one finger embedded in her back entrance, because her cunt was so much more taut. He saw Hakon move up closer to Jess and nodded at Hakon as his brother began to push his way into their mate’s body. Dagr palmed one of her breasts and flicked her nipple with his thumb as he lowered his head to her mouth. He swallowed her cries of pleasure/pain and knew she would stop them if it became too much, but she didn’t say a word. All three of them groaned when Hakon came to rest, buried balls-deep into their woman’s ass.

Dagr lifted his mouth from Jess’s and gave Loki a nod. He watched as his brother moved in closer to their mate, on his knees, holding the base of his cock until the head was nudging against her cheek. Jess turned her head, and he saw her eyes widen when she saw Loki’s cock near her mouth. She licked her lips, leaving them coated with moisture, then leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the head of Loki’s hard rod.

Jess must have liked the taste of the clear fluid bubbling out of his brother’s cock, because Dagr saw her open her mouth wide, and then she was sucking his brother into her mouth. Her humming around his brother’s flesh turned his arousal up another notch, and he could no longer keep still.

Dagr held Jess’s hips in his large hands and slid his cock out of her tight, wet cunt, until just the tip was resting in her body. As he pushed back in, Hakon withdrew from her ass. Jess was sucking and bobbing along the length of Loki’s cock, and they began to fuck her in earnest. The sounds she made as he thrust gently and slowly in and out of her body ratcheted his desire up to a new level of need. With every thrust of his hips, Dagr plunged into her pussy faster, harder, and deeper, his brother countering his thrusts as they kept her filled with cock at all times.

Jess matched her sucking-and-gliding rhythm on Loki’s cock until they were all panting and moaning with the exquisite pleasure. He could feel the walls of her pussy sucking and rippling along his flesh and knew she was close to her peak. He began to thrust with short, rapid, sharp digs, making sure he slid along her G-spot, his brother copying his movements. And then he felt her. She had joined the three of them as no one else could.

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