Happy Anniversary Hubby ?


Rambling On… 17 September 2022.

Happy Anniversary, baby.

It was our 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday, Friday the 16th.

My husband and I have been together for a total of 36 years. We met when he was 20 and I was nineteen and here we still are. He came to my sister’s 21st birthday with one of my friends. No, my friend and my man weren’t dating, they were friends who’d met at university.

We’ve had our ups and downs like most people but we’re still going strong.

I can’t believe we’ve been married for over three decades. That makes me feel kind of old.
We are so lucky to have each other but we’ve also put in the hard work to keep our marriage alive and well.

Communication, listening to each other, and respect are the keys to a happy marriage.

Last night we went out for dinner and after we’d finished eating we called in to see my sister for a cuppa. She and her husband had had their anniversary two days before us. It was nice to have a chat while watching the semi-final of the football playing on the TV in the background.

My sister is married to her second husband who is a good man and they’ve been married for about 24 years. Between them, they have five adult kids, and they now have four grandchildren. My parents have eleven great grandchildren.

None of the great grandkids are from my children. My daughter and son have decided they do not want to have children and I respect their choice and I know they won’t change their minds down the track. It’s their life and their right to decide what they do with it.

My husband and I are not major AFL (Australian Football League) supporters, but we like to know who is playing and who is on top of the ladder, etc. I am happy to say that our hometown football club, the Geelong Cats won the game by a landslide and will be playing in the grand final.

I hope our team wins the last game of the season.

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe, sane, happy, and healthy.
Love Becca Van xxoo


What Have I Been Writing?

I’m writing my third book in the new series titled, Rescue Ranch. The men who own and work on this ranch, take in abused horses, those headed to the slaughterhouse and rehabilitate them.

The tough retired military guys all have big hearts though they’d never admit it and of course, are protective. I’ve enjoyed writing the books in this series as there is also a slight paranormal aspect to each story.


Fae Kingdom 1 - Fairy Queen - by Becca Van




Fae Kingdom 1 –               

                  Fairy Queen


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Released September 10.




Slave Gold Elites - Vipan's Mission


Slave Gold Elites 5 –

               Vipan’s Mission 

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released August 12.


The Rescue Ranch 1 - Saving Jeslyn - By Becca Van

The Rescue Ranch 1 – 

                       Saving Jeslyn

Available to Pre-Order on Siren BookStrand website.

Release Date September 30

Fae Kingdom 4 - Princess Charlotte

Fae Kingdom 3 –

              Princess Charlotte

Available to Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.


Release Date September 16

What Have I Been Reading?

Rebecca Zanetti’s - Wolf - Stope Packs Book 1

I’m reading Rebecca Zanetti’s Wolf, (Stope Packs Book 1), and am 84% through the story.

The suspense is building, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the book to find out what happens. If you like reading about hot werewolves, and wolf-shifter paranormal romance then I would recommend this book.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next time.


Becca Van XXOO

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