Guardian Sabears 5: Startling Revelations


Krista Oscar’s life is in peril from the Immoral Gang and she runs. After protecting her students in a New York school and accidentally shooting and killing the gang leader’s brother, she has a target on her back.

When she gets another teaching position clear across the country away from the danger, she packs up, sneaks out of her apartment and leaves.

Bastian, Byron and Beck Tenant know Krista is their mate before she even steps off the plane, but when they see how frightened she is of them, they don’t think they have a chance of courting their mate. However, the three brothers aren’t about to give up.

Since she’s staying in their house there’s no way to avoid them and the sparks between her and them get too much to ignore.

The attraction becomes too intense and Krista agrees to be their mate.

The threat follows her to Alaska and Krista’s injured so badly her life is hanging in the balance.

Only a miracle can save her.

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