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Rambling On… 09 July 2021.

My daughter is coming home for a visit and staying the night. Yay. It will be so good to see her.

As it happens my man’s birthday falls on Thursday next week. Since my girl can’t come down and see him, us, closer to his day, she’s coming this weekend. We’re going out to dinner with her, my son and his girlfriend who is also my daughter’s best friend. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family.

This week is going to be a busy one.

My husband and I are preparing for our big trip and thankfully, the Covid restrictions in the Northern Territory have been lifted or will be by the time we get up to the Central Australian border.  
We’ve filled in a border pass for South Australia which had to be done seven days or more prior to our arrival in their state and will still need to fill in the pass for NT. They don’t want the paperwork compiled with any more than seven days prior to arrival.

I’m planning on doing some cooking and freezing food to take with us on our trip. We have a car fridge/freezer which works great. I’m going to cook up a pot of spaghetti bolognaise, separate it into however many serves for two there is, and after freezing it in containers, it will then be sealed by a food sealer. We can actually heat the meals in plastic food packaging as it is safe and free of BPA. The plastic is washable and reusable which is great since here in Australia we’re trying to phase out the use of non-biodegradable products.

I’m also going to make up some homemade hamburgers, freeze and seal them. A chicken and vegetable pasta bake is also in my plans to cook, divide up and freeze. If I have nutritious cooked food ready to go, ready to heat and eat, that means less cooking on the road. Although I don’t mind cooking out and about. I think the fresh air makes everything taste better.

I can’t wait for our escape into the great outdoors. We need time to relax, destress and just be. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of my own country, watching the landscape change from one kilometre to the next, seeing the wonders Australia has to offer.

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe, sane, happy, and healthy.
Love Becca Van xxoo.



What Have I Been Writing?

Would you believe I’ve just finished writing Alaskan Wildlands 5: Wildfire and will be submitting the book to Siren BookStrand for possible publications today.

I really enjoyed writing this story because the dynamic was a little different. I’m not saying anything else, so I don’t give anything away.


Slick Rock 33 - Wild and Loving by Becca Van




Slick Rock 33 :             

                Wild and Loving


Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo.




Released June 15.




Slick Rock 32 - Wild and Free - By Becca Van


Slick Rock 32:

                 Wild and Free

Available now on platforms like Amazon and Kobo. 



Released June 1.


Slick Rock 34 : Miracle - by Becca Van

Slick Rock 34:


Available to Order on Siren BookStrand website.

Release Date July 9

Alaskan Wildlands 3 : Lost Without Them by Becca Van

Alaskan Wildlands 3 :

             Lost Without Them

Available to Pre-Order now on Siren BookStrand Website.


Release Date July 19


What Have I Been Reading?

Christine Feehan’s Spider Game (GhostWalker novel Book 12)

I’m reading Christine Feehan’s Covert Game, (GhostWalker Novel Book 14).

I have to say that I love that Zara Hightower can be herself with the indomitable Gino Mazza and will go hunting so she doesn’t have to worry about being a target for the rest of her life.

The dynamic between the pair and Zara’s best friend, Bellisia is an eye opener for the rest of the women in the GhostWalker series.

I will leave it there for now.
Enjoy your week ahead, until next week.


Becca Van XXOO

PS. Email me. Let me know what you would like to learn of me…

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