Elite Dragoons 3 – Loving Prue


Prue was saved from a Japanese kidnapping ring by the Elite Dragoons and now her best friend has been kidnapped. Despite their best efforts this evil continues to follow Prue, is she strong enough to let the brothers into her life when danger stays so close?

Read more in the following Adult Excerpt of Becca Van’s Elite Dragoons 3 – Loving Prue.


Elite Dragoons 3 – Loving Prue - By Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 3 – Loving Prue

Adam explored every inch of her mouth with his tongue. He slid over her teeth, the inside of her cheeks and even the roof of her mouth. She nearly giggled because she hadn’t realized how sensitive it would be and even though it tickled it also made her insides burn hotter.

Prue’s body began to ache. The nipples of her breasts were so hard they were throbbing, as if begging to be touched. Her pussy was so damn wet her panties were soaked and even though she tried hard to stop the internal muscles from clenching and releasing more cream she couldn’t. Her need was too great.

Without breaking the kiss, Adam shifted her on his lap so that she was facing him with her knees on the mattress on either side of his hips and her aching pussy was pressed up against his crotch. She groaned when his erection came into contact with her jeans-covered sex and wanted to strip them both down so she could feel his hot hard cock pressing firmly against her wet, hungry cunt.

When Adam’s large hands gripped her hips and he pulled her down tighter against his hard dick and then he thrust his pelvis up toward hers, she whimpered with frustration and desire. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get close enough. Prue wanted to burrow in under his skin and into his heart and stay there forever. His arms moved to her ass and he kneaded her cheeks and began to rock her pussy against his cock. He slowed the kiss and lifted his head. Prue gasped for breath and closed her eyes, rocking her hips to the rhythm his hands had set. Even though she wasn’t a tall woman or fat, she was a healthy weight for her size and frame. She was surprised and then turned on even more when Adam rose to his feet and carried her across the room without any apparent effort. He didn’t stop until her back rested against the wall and he pinned her there with his body.

You are so fucking beautiful, sweetie. I can’t get enough of you. Wrap your legs around my hips, Prue,” Adam kissed his way across her jaw and over to the side of her neck. She tilted her head, giving him more access and moaned as he nibbled and licked his way to her ear. His moist breath caressed her skin and she shivered and then gave a small cry of need when he nipped at her earlobe with his teeth.

He pushed his jean-covered erection against the juncture of her thighs and she mewled with delighted desire when his cock connected with her throbbing clit. Prue arched her hips for a better fit and groaned when he thumped his crotch into hers. One of his hands moved from her butt cheek to her hip, beneath the material of her shirt and then caressed up her side. She loved the sensation of his callused hand gliding over her skin and wanted to beg for more, but his lips covered hers again and all thought fled.

He made love to her mouth the way he would have made love to her body if they were naked. Every time his hips rocked forward his long hard cock massaged her pussy from clit to sheath. The fire inside grew and grew until she was one big incessant ache. Adam pressed his cock to her pussy again, but this time instead of advancing and retreating he swiveled his hips, massaging her clit through their clothes. His hand crept up to her lace-covered breast and then he enveloped her fleshy globe and kneaded it. He moved his hand until he was cupping the weight of her breast and then his thumb began to rub rapidly back and forth over her turgid, aching peak.

She clung to his shoulders as her body became tauter and tauter. Prue didn’t know what was happening but she strained forward, surging against Adam’s crotch as she reached to the unknown ecstasy.


Yes, Prue, that’s it,” Adam panted. “Don’t fight me, sweetie, just go with it. You are gonna feel so good.”

Prue’s head thunked against the wall behind her as she tilted her head back. Liquid fire raced through her veins and she never wanted the rapturous sensations to stop. And then she was on the edge of something big. The internal walls of her pussy were slick and she wept an almost continuous stream of juices. Her sheath coiled tighter, gathering in on itself as pleasure assailed her and finally swept over her.

The fire accumulated into a raging inferno and she bucked against Adam. Her pussy clenched and released, grabbed and let go in a multitude of unremitting contractions. Prue screamed with ecstasy and nirvana held it within its clutches. She didn’t stop moving her pussy against Adam’s hard cock until the last shudder waned. Adam gave a shout too and she wasn’t sure if it was because she’d just experienced her first ever orgasm—although how he would know that since she’d never told anyone besides Yvonne that she was a virgin she had no clue—or because he was yelling with her because she had just come.

She became aware of her surroundings, the only sound in the room was that of her and Adam breathing heavy and when she opened her eyes she caught movement in her peripheral vision. Thorpe and Hunt were standing in the doorway and looking at her with such hunger in their eyes her pussy clenched and released another gush of cream. How the hell she was getting horny again after an amazing climax she had no clue, but her body certainly had a one-track mind.

That was so fucking hot,” Thorpe pinned her with his piercing green eyes and began to walk toward her. “I have never seen anything sexier than you coming, baby.”


Thorpe, Huntley and Adam Lathan work hard to keep their lady safe but will trouble come looking for them causing them to lose their true love?


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