Elite Dragoons 2 – Nicole’s Military Men

Becca Van’s second instalment in the Elite Dragoons Series

Elite Dragoons 2 – Nicole’s Military Men, will have you feeling for, and celebrating with, Nicole as she fights her inner trust demons. The Bayhard brothers in the military team that saves her from evil, also release her from her inner turmoil.

The following Erotic Excerpt will give you a taste of the men in the Elite Dragoons 2.


Elite Dragoons 2 - Nicole's Military Men - By Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 2 – Nicole’s Military Men

She loved feeling helpless because it seemed to turn her on even more. Ty flattened his tongue and swiped it over her engorged pearl eliciting another squeak as pleasure assailed her. When he lifted his head, she couldn’t prevent her groan of disappointment that he had stopped.

Brom and Rand also removed their mouths from her breasts and sat with their hands on her ribs and hip, as if waiting for something. Ty had an arm wrapped around one of her thighs and the other hand was spread wide over her lower abs with his long fingers touching the top of her mound.

Ty pinned her with his hungry green eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want this, babe? Be sure when you answer, because if we go any further, then as far as we are concerned you belong to us.”

Nicole was so needy, almost desperate to have these three men make love with her, and although she knew she could end up getting her heart broken, she couldn’t walk away from them. She wanted, no, needed their hands, mouths, and cocks more than she’d needed anything before in her life. Most of all she wanted their hearts, but there was no way she was going to let on that she cared for them.

Please?” she panted.

Please what, sunshine?” Rand asked.

I want you all to make love with me.”

Untie her hands,” Ty ordered and waited while Rand removed the knots from her shirt and she lowered her arms. Brom tugged the T-shirt from around the back of her neck and removed it completely. Ty then slipped a hand beneath her ass and the other around her shoulders and without any effort at all lifted her from the sofa and pulled her against his chest. She slung an arm around his neck for balance when he rose from his knees and stood up.

You’re so damn strong. I can’t believe you did that without straining yourself.”

You hardly weigh anything, Nicole. You’re easy to carry around.” Ty carried her out of the living room and down the hall to her bedroom. She expected him to lower her to her feet at the foot of the bed, but instead he lowered his head and gave her a hungry carnal kiss. When he lifted his mouth from hers again, Nicole was one big aching mass of need. If they didn’t make love to her soon, she just may start screaming at them.

You are so fucking beautiful, Nicole. I can’t wait to sink my cock in that hot, tight, wet, pretty little cunt,” Ty rasped.

His words flamed the fire in her body and she wiggled, trying to get him to put her down, but his arms tightened around her and then she was being placed onto the bed. She noticed that Brom and Rand had followed them into the bedroom and her breathing escalated another notch and her heart beat faster inside her chest when the three men moved to the foot of the bed and began to remove their clothes. Since Rand and Brom only had on boxers, they were naked within the blink of an eye. She perused their bodies and her pussy clenched as if begging to be filled when she got her first sight of their delectable physiques.

Rand’s muscles rippled with every slight movement he made. The veins in his forearms stood out and his upper body was tanned all over and she imagined him working outside in the sun without his shirt on. When her eyes got to his crotch, she looked away, but then she snapped her eyes back and licked her lips when she saw how well-endowed he was. His cock was long and thick and she was nervous about him coming anywhere near her pussy with that monster.

She shifted her gaze to the side and saw that although Brom wasn’t as wide as Rand in the penis department, he certainly wasn’t lacking. His cock was so long that she imagined it would be level with his navel if he were lying down. She looked at Ty and noticed he wasn’t moving. His hands were still on the button of his jeans and he was looking at her. She met his green gaze and he looked at her hungrily when he started to undo his jeans. Her eyes wandered down his body from the top of his head and then stayed, watching intently as he drew down the zipper on his jeans. When she began to feel light-headed, she realized that she was holding her breath and released it in a gusty exhale then inhaled and stopped breathing once more when Ty pushed his jeans down over his hips. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his large erect cock sprang free and bobbed up and down a few times until it was standing at almost a straight line out from his body, pointing right at her. His erect penis was as thick as Rand’s and as long as Brom’s. She pressed her thighs together when her pussy began to ache even more, but she was also rather nervous about their sizes.

You don’t have to be scared of us, babe,” Ty said in a deep growly voice as he pushed his jeans all the way down his legs and then kicked them off over his feet. He straightened and then pinned her with his eyes again. “We would never hurt you, Nicole. We’ll make sure you’re ready to take us. I promise.”

She couldn’t let him and his brothers go on thinking that they frightened her but she also needed to let them know she was nervous. “I’m not scared of you. I know you would never deliberately hurt me, but I am a little nervous.” Nicole waved her hand toward their erect cocks and drew in a ragged breath. “I’m not very experienced with sex and you guys…are big.”


Ty, Rand and Bromley are just the champions Nicole needs for her saviors. Read how they all come out on top in Elite Dragoons 2 – Nicole’s Military Men.


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