Elite Dragoons 2 - Nicole's Military Men - By Becca Van

Nicole Maynard has been living with Ty, Rand, and Bromley Bayhard for the last couple of months on their cattle ranch in nowhere North Dakota. Although she has come to care for the three sexy, masculine men she tries to keep her feelings hidden. She doesn’t think they trust her and won’t give into their lustful stares.
It isn’t that Ty doesn’t trust Nicole, but he is worried how she will react when she finds out about their abilities and is determined to keep her at arm’s length, but his brothers are more than determined to have Nicole in their beds and hopefully, eventually in their hearts.
But danger comes to the ranch and Nicole is kidnapped while the men are away on a mission. Just as they think they will have her back in their arms, they realize that they are up against more than one foe.
Can good win over evil?

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