Elite Dragoons 1 – New Recruits - By Becca Van

Whitmoor, Dalton, and Hayward Cartwright are the new Elite Dragons. After finishing their training and naming their new team the Elite Dragoons in deference to their trainers, they head out on their new mission.
Two women have gone missing from Chadron, Nebraska, and one of them is Sara-Jane Cantor. While on mission the leaders find out they have more enhanced abilities than first realized and use them to try and find the two kidnapped women.
The men are drawn to Sara when they finally rescue her and her friend, as they have never been drawn to another woman, and are determined to keep her safe and in their lives, and get her into their bed.
It’s a race against time to rescue Sara and her friend Nicole from the clutches of the Japanese Underworld criminals.
Will they get to her in time?

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