Elite Dragoons 1 – New Recruits

Becca Van has continued the Elite Dragons series with this installment of the Elite Dragoons 1.

New Recruits continue the work of their mentors as the recruits of the Elite Dragons as they move into retirement.

This adult excerpt gives you a taste of the tale Becca Van has fashioned in the continuance of this popular series.


Elite Dragoons 1 – New Recruits - By Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 1 – New Recruits

The three men stalked her as if she was prey, and then they were all over her like bees on honey.

Whit moved around behind her and had her T-shirt off in seconds, and then his hands ran up and down her back and then gripped her ass. Dalton pulled her up against him and slammed his mouth down on hers. She moaned as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and twirled his around hers salaciously. Hay ran his hands up her side and then he drew her panties down her legs. She was vaguely aware of stepping out of her panties, and then she was lifted and carried.

Dalton lifted his mouth from hers as he lowered her to the bed, and then he took a couple of paces back and removed his T-shirt. Sara let her eyes wander over his naked torso and whimpered as she exhaled. He was cut and muscular and she wanted to run her hands all over his magnificent body.

Hay moved until he was standing next to Dalton, and then Whit was on his other side. There they stood bare-chested and saliva pooled in her mouth as she took in the sexy masculinity. They were built like Greek gods. All of them were masculinity personified, and they were all hers. Even though they were all brawny, Hay was the most beefy of the three. His muscles literally bulged and rippled as he moved. As one, as if choreographed, their hands all reached for the belt buckles at the same time. Sara pushed up to lean on her elbows and watched avidly as they released their buckles, then the buttons on their jeans, and then lowered their zippers.

Sara gasped when they pushed their jeans down over their hips and their hard cocks sprang free. None of them wore any underwear. It seemed that her men liked to go commando when they were at home. She gulped as they stood straight and tall waiting for her to look her fill. None of them were of average size. Not that she had a lot of experience, but she knew these men were well endowed. Whit’s cock was longer than his brothers. The head of his dick was an angry purple color, and a drop of fluid glistened on the tip.

Hay was shorter than Whit but thicker in circumference. Dalton was not quite as long as Whit, but he was thicker around than either of his brothers. She drew in a ragged breath and watched with fascination as their cocks jerked and pulsed. Her trance was broken when they each bent, kicked their shoes off, and then removed their jeans.

Dalton practically launched himself at her and covered her with his body. Sara flopped back on the bed and only had enough time to inhale before he covered her mouth with his. She mewled and arched up against him, trying to relieve the ache in her breasts and pussy by rubbing her girl parts on his body. Just when she thought she was going to have to move her head to the side so she could breathe, Dalton lifted his. He kissed down the side of her neck and over her collarbone and then continued on until he reached her breasts.

Sara moaned as he flicked his tongue over one nipple and then the other. She sobbed with frustration as he licked and nibbled his way down over her torso and belly. A hand turned her head to the left and Whit planted his mouth on hers. Another mouth began to suckle her right nipple, and she ran her fingers through Hay’s hair and held his head to her breast.

Sara was on fire, and only these three men could douse the flame. She cried out when Whit stopped kissing her but then groaned when he took her other nipple into his mouth. Gentle hands separated her legs and she arched up as warm air caressed her wet pussy. The first swipe of Dalton’s tongue over her clit sent her reeling and the fire burning in her womb grew hotter. Dalton slid his tongue from the top of her slit down to her pussy hole, licking, sucking, and nibbling every nook and cranny as he went. She moaned in frustration when he lifted his head.

You taste so fucking delicious, Sara. I can’t get enough of your sweet honey. I want you to fill my mouth with your cum.”

Dalton lowered his head once more and sucked her clit in between his lips. He caged the little pearl with his teeth, gently holding it, and then he strummed her clit with the tip of his tongue. Sara’s hips shot straight up as tension coiled inside her womb and sheath as he pleasured her with his mouth. She mewed with bliss when he pushed the tip of a finger into her cunt. And then he thrust his finger into her all the way. Sara sobbed when he released her clit but moaned when he added another finger to her pussy. He began to push those two fingers in and then pull out of her vagina. She squeezed her inner muscles, trying to hold him inside her, wanting to hold on to the ecstatic pleasure being bestowed on her, but she needn’t have bothered. He thrust into her again and again, increasing the speed of his stroking fingers each time he pushed into her. And then his tongue was back. The tip flicked over her clit at a rapid pace.

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Elite Dragoons 1 – New Recruits by Becca Van Erotic Romance will surely continue to entertain fans of this series.

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