Elite Dragons 4 – A Force Of Three

Elite Dragons - A Force Of Three - By Becca Van Erotic Romance

Codi, Linton, and Bryden Healy are going undercover to crack the black market organ donor smuggling ring. They want to be able to finally retire.

When two more women are reported missing, they end up in Butte, Montana, and meet the beautiful Nyssa Mathis. Unbeknownst to Nyssa, she is working for one of the criminal doctors involved in the ring. The Healy brothers implore Nyssa to help them by being their eyes and ears at the clinic, but Dr. Jones is cunning and doesn’t give himself away.

The Healy brothers are frustrated and worried because they haven’t been able to find the missing women, but they are concerned that Nyssa’s life could be in danger.

Nyssa is abducted and smuggled across the Canadian border. It’s a race against time to save Nyssa and the other two women. Will the Elite Dragons be able to save the love of their life?



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