Elite Dragons 3 – The Love Of Three

Elite Dragons 3 - The Love of Three - By Becca Van

Alicia Cobden yearns to have a relationship with three members of the Elite Dragons team, Stedman, Ward, and Bronsin Tiltman. They helped rescue her and three other women from certain death to the black market organ donor ring, and they have quickly worked their way into her heart.

She has been living with them for the last three months, but can’t continue to put her life on hold in hopes that they will develop feelings for her. So she begins to search for employment.

The three Tiltman brothers want Alicia in their lives permanently, but first they have to explain about their empathetic and other enhanced abilities, and hope she accepts them for who and what they are.

Evil follows them home from a mission and puts all of them at risk.

Will Alicia accept the three men, empathy and all, or will evil prevail?


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