County Sheriffs 2 – Conquering Lovers

County Sheriffs 2 – Conquering Lovers. Having missed a meeting with her sister the night she was killed, Bella has been riddled with guilt. To make things worse, her sister’s boyfriend also blames Bella for the death and retaliates violently after a bender.

Deputy Sheriffs, Dawson and Kent, come to the assistance of the small lady under attack from the drunk. Even after the first encounter, the attraction was mutual, Bella resists the pull.

County Sheriffs 2 - Conquering LoversDawson lapped and licked over her collarbone, coming back up to scrape his teeth over the sensitive tendon running down the outside of her neck, causing her to shiver and moan, and then his mouth moved lower still. He glided his tongue over the top of her breasts, causing her areolae and nipples to tighten even more. The lace covering her breasts was pleasantly abrasive, but she needed more. Bella wanted to feel their hands touching her bare skin. She wanted their warm, moist mouths sucking on her flesh.

Liquid desire pooled hotter and thicker in her belly and pussy, making her so wet she was sure her undies were drenched. She tensed with expectation and held her breath when she felt the tips of Kent’s fingers brush against the leg seam of her panties, and then moaned with disappointment when his hands moved away from her aching cunt.

Dawson lifted his head and met her gaze, searching her eyes as if to make sure she hadn’t changed her mind or become frightened by what he and Kent were doing to her. She wanted to tell them she was fine and was ready for more, but while her brain was racing, she was so needy she couldn’t seem to get her lips and tongue to work to form any coherent words.

Whether he saw what she wanted, she didn’t know, but he smoothed a hand up over her belly and fiddled with the clasp of her bra between her breasts. She licked her lips and silently willed him to undo the clasp. His gaze moved from hers to her breasts and back up again.

“Do it,” Bella whispered hoarsely.

Dawson’s eyes crinkled with a smile, and just as she was about to smile in return, her bra sprang apart. His audible indrawn breath had her tensing again, but when he groaned, she relaxed, figuring he liked what he was seeing. Bella looked down to see the areolae of both breasts had contracted and her nipples were standing at attention and looked redder than normal.

“Look at those hard nipples,” Dawson rasped right before he lowered his head and took the closest peak into his mouth.

Bella’s back bowed up as she moaned. She’d never felt anything so wonderful in her life. Wet heat enveloped the throbbing tip as he sucked on her nipple, sending shards of erotic pleasure shooting down her body into her womb and aching clit. When he cupped the other breast, and began strumming his thumb over her other nipple, she arched her neck and her legs began to move restlessly.

Kent made a growly noise right before he cupped her mound over her panties. Her clit throbbed, causing her pussy to clench, and more juices leaked from her cunt.

“Lift your hips, darlin’,” Kent ordered just before his hand left her hot aching pussy, and then, he hooked his thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She lifted her hips and shivered as he tugged the panties down her thighs and lower legs, and off over her feet.

A groan was ripped from her throat when Dawson switched to her other breast, his teeth scraping over the sensitive peak before he suckled on it.

The mattress dipped near her feet as Kent shifted, and then, he caressed his way up the insides of her thighs, spreading her legs wider and wider the higher he got.

Bella threaded her fingers into Dawson’s hair once more, and when she felt a warm puff of moist air on her clit, she realized that Kent’s head was so close to her cunt she could feel him breathing on her. The muscles in her legs trembled as they tautened, whether with nervousness or anticipation even she wasn’t sure. She’d heard of men licking women’s pussies, and though she was a little embarrassed over the thought of someone, Kent, putting his mouth on her down there, she was also excited. She’d heard other women say it was an amazingly erotic pleasurable experience that they wanted repeated over and over, again.

Kent dipped the tip of his finger into her wet pussy, causing her to gasp as nerves sparked to life, and then, she whimpered when he rubbed his way up through her folds and touched her engorged clit with such a light brush that she wasn’t sure if she’d imagined it.

Her legs wobbled as Kent flopped onto the mattress with a bounce, and just as she was lifting her head to look down at him, he wrapped his arms around her upper thighs and spread her wider. His gaze lifted to hers as he slid his tongue from between his lips and laved the tip over her engorged pearl.

Bella flopped back on the pillow with a moan as fire shot from her clit into her womb and veins. She was so hot and needy she was panting, and while she could feel herself trembling and tried to stop it, she couldn’t.

Dawson released the nipple he’d been sucking on with a pop, shifted to his knees beside her, and then bent to take her mouth. The kiss they shared was hot, wild, and carnal. The more their tongues danced and dueled, the hotter she became.

Kent moved his tongue faster and faster over her throbbing, sensitive clit, causing every single muscle in her body to tense up, one by one.

The liquid heat was coursing through her veins, and with each lap of his tongue over her clit, the pressure in her womb and cunt grew bigger and bigger.

Finding that Brett, Bella’s sisters Maria’s boyfriend is stalking her she gets scared. Then a masked man truly scares her, placing her life in danger. The lovestruck deputies will do all they can to save their lady. Are they fast enough?

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