Preston stepped closer to the desk and started wielding the flogger over Jonah’s back and ass as he started to move up and down on Adam’s dick.

Adam groaned, Jonah growled, and Preston panted.

Each time Jonah rose up and dropped back down, he moved faster. Lexis could see Jonah’s ass engulfing Adam’s dick in his body before his shaft came back into view again.

And then Adam reached down and gripped Jonah’s erection in his hand. He pumped his hand up and down what looked to her a little too roughly, but Jonah seemed to love what the other man was doing to his cock.

“Just imagine having three sets of hands, three mouths, and three dicks on hand for your pleasure, baby,” Preston said hoarsely. “Having a dick in your soaked pussy, another in your tight, sexy ass, and another in your mouth. We’d suck and pinch on those hard little nipples as we fucked our cocks in and out of all of your holes. You’d come so hard you’d be screaming our names.”

“What?” Lexis gaped at him, but his gaze was back on Jonah and Adam.

“Look at them, Lexis,” Preston instructed. “Look at how lost in the pleasure they are. Jonah’s right on the verge of coming. See how his muscles and tendons are straining? Now, look at Adam. His jaw’s clenched tight and his expression looks as if he’s being tortured. He’s close, too. They’re both waiting for me to tell them to come. They trust me to know when they can’t hold back anymore. They trust me not to hurt them and control their pleasure.”

“Trust is a huge gift, baby. That’s the most important thing between a Dom and his subs.” Preston flicked the flogger over Jonah’s ass, and then he stepped to the side, swishing it over Adam’s abs, getting lower and lower and lower. “Jonah, Adam, come. Now!” He slapped the tendrils against Jonah’s balls and the base of Adam’s shaft. Both men came with a roar.

Although Lexis didn’t take her eyes off them, she quivered and quaked as she climaxed, too. Juices dripped onto her drenched panties. She was breathing fast and shallowly as she continued to tremble with rapture. Jonah and Adam twitched and shivered as they continued to come. Ropes of creamy white semen spewed from Jonah’s dick onto Adam’s stomach. It was the sexiest thing Lexis had ever seen.

She didn’t notice she’d closed her eyes as she tried to regain control of her unsteady body until she heard the brush of fabric close by. When she opened her eyes again, it was to find all three of them staring at her. Preston’s eyes were so hot she had to look away. The second she looked at Jonah and Adam again and noticed the renewed desire in their gazes directed her way and couldn’t believe her own libido perk up after just creaming her panties. She knew she was in trouble, in way over her head.

Preston slowly stalked closer, and while she tried to prevent herself from meeting his eyes, she found herself staring into his amazing brown orbs anyway. He didn’t stop until he was close enough to touch, and when he squatted down next to her, she licked her suddenly dry lips.

“We’re all very attracted to you, Lexis. We want to spend time with you and see if the heat between us could become something more.”

Lexis shook her head and swallowed audibly.

Preston gripped her chin, turning her back to face him. “Don’t deny the attraction you feel for us, baby. It’s there as plain as day for us to see.”

“But…but you’re gay.”

Preston’s lips curved up in a smile and his eyes twinkled. She could get lost in those eyes. In fact, she already felt as if she was drowning in them. Though she was tempted to say yes—because Preston was right. The heated sparks zinging between them were so hot it was wonder she hadn’t already gone up in ashes—she didn’t really know these men at all.

Lexis wasn’t a virgin, but she was exactly experienced, either. Having sex once didn’t equate to knowing what she was doing.

If she said yes and they found out how little skill she had, would they be turned off?

She wasn’t sure she could handle that sort of rejection. She also wasn’t sure she wanted to get involved emotionally.

Her father had never been in the picture. He’d been killed by an out of control truck three months after Lexis had been born. Her mom had died when she was fifteen, and Alicia had been murdered by some sicko who was still at large, two years later.

The pain of losing a loved one was too intense, and she never wanted to go through that again.

Lexis had fallen into a deep black hole after her sister’s death. She’d dropped out of college, packed up what little stuff her and her sister had had, sold everything else, and taken to the road.

She’d been wandering aimlessly for nearly two years until she’d arrived in Tigard, Oregon three months ago. It was a busy town, but there was just something about the place that called to her. Getting work hadn’t been a problem, and though she’d recently begun to consider returning to her college course, she just couldn’t afford to. Paying for her rent, her bills, as well as food each week, didn’t leave her much for splurging. She’d gotten herself into a rut and didn’t see a way out of it.

She was brought back to the present when Preston spoke.

“We’re not gay, baby. We’re bisexual.”

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