Club Of Dominance 7 – Sunshine and Roses

Club Of Dominance 7 - Sunshine and Roses - Book Cover - By Becca VanAnastasia “Ana” Gibson wonders what she’s let herself in for when she visits a BDSM club with her friend, and boss, Joni and Joni’s three husbands’.

However, she’s shocked to the core to realize the sights, sounds, and thoughts of having some of the things she’s seeing done to others, arouses her.

Devin Harper, Layton Grant, and Gaige Barnes are attracted to the submissive Ana as soon as they see her, but realize she has no clue about her tractable personality. When they realize she’s nervous around all men, they know she’s been hurt.

Ana ends up saving a sub from being killed and thinks she’s about to die, too, but Devin, Layton, and Gaige save her.

The attraction between her and the three Doms is so intense, and though she’s scared, under their gentle care and dominance Ana flourishes back to life.

When danger gets her in its grip Ana doesn’t think she’s going to survive.

Will Devin, Layton, and Gaige rescue Ana in time?

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